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September 11
2G Newsletter Sept. 12th-16th
2G Weekly Newsletter Sept. 12th- 16th
Dear Families,
We had a wonderful start to grade two!! We have 19 students in our class; 10 girls and 9 boys. Last week we practiced our classroom/ school procedures and rules. I am very impressed at how quick the children are at following directions and understanding the importance of being respectful, safe and kind. Always doing their best is also very important… It’s OK not to know something but it’s not OK not to try.
Homework will begin this week. I have decided to send 3 or 4 books home each week (depending on the length of the book). Students should read for 10-15 min. each night. Books will be in their communication bag and returned each Friday.
We have started our unit on patterning. We are creating, describing, comparing and drawing repeating patterns and increasing patterns. You can help your child achieve these goals by asking them to find patterns at home or outside. Ask them to tell you about the patterns they see; we call this “Math Talk” at school.
I will be using the communication bag for homework and notes being sent home. Please place all notes, permission slips or book orders in the communication bag as they will be checked each day. Cafeteria money can be sent in their lunch bag. Our first book order is due Friday, Sept. 16th. Scholastic book orders provide a great selection of books at excellent prices! Newsletters will be posted to the school website each week therefore I will only send home a paper copy if you request one.
Please check our school website for the cafeteria menu. If your child is buying their lunch please talk to them about what they should purchase. Make sure their money is sent in a baggie or envelope with their name on it.  
Thank you for filling out your information forms and sending in the student fee. I am looking forward to seeing you at the corn boil/meet the teacher night Tuesday, Sept.13th from 5:00-6:30. Please keep in touch with your questions or concerns. School # is 453-5429, my e-mail is elizabeth.glenwright@nbed.nb.ca.  
Liz Glenwright


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