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May 08
Week of May 8, 2017
                                                              Monday, May 8th, 2017
Dear Families:
It seems as if our April showers are not quite ready to pass so this may be another rainy week.  Please dress your child appropriately for some wet weather as we may try to get them some fresh air during breaks in the rain.  The playground will be pretty wet so rain boots, jackets with hoods or hats would be a good idea! 
What we are learning:
Literacy - This week we will introduce the last five words of List 6 (sleep, brown, yellow, six, five).  I have added “walk” as a bonus word and then you know “talk” as well!  We will do a good review of the “bossy R” letter teams (e.g. ar, or, er, ir, ur) and help students connect learning to read these sounds with how to incorporate them into their writing.  Also, we will be taking note of what strategies students rely upon to decode unknown words and encourage them to use a variety of strategies to enhance their decoding skills (we hope you received the bookmarks sent home last week to use at home as a guide). 
Math – We will continue to practice doubles to 18 and play new games to support the development of this skill
You and Your World – we will continue to learn fun facts about our chicken eggs and add to our chick journals throughout the week – we wonder when the eggs will hatch?!  J 
Information Items/Dates to Remember:
·         Popcorn is still being sold every Tuesday and Thursday for $2.00.  Flavour choices are: salt & butter, white cheddar, sweet & salty, dill pickle.
·         The We Act group is still selling handmade key chains and bracelets next week for two dollars. All proceeds will go to support our friends in Haiti. Thank you for your ongoing support.
·         Cold season is here and we are out of Kleenex!  If you have an extra box at home that you could donate, we would be most appreciative!
·         Mrs. Forsythe, our Literacy Support Teacher, and Mrs. Melanson, our Numeracy Support Teacher, will be working in our grade one classes for the month of May.  You may hear your child talking about having a little extra support from our wonderful helpers!  We are very lucky to be able to capitalize on their time with us!
·         Our year-end, Grade One celebration for students will be a fun-filled trip to Kingswood for bowling and play-climber fun!  To support this two-hour adventure, we will be asking for $11.50 per family.  You can send this money in anytime.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.   
·         Practice the last List 6 words and phrases.
·         Read your take home books to your homework helper – can you retell the story you read to your homework helper (beginning, middle, end)
·         Practice subtraction by using a deck of cards, turning over two cards at a time and subtracting the smaller number from the greater number.  What subtraction strategies can you use?
Make sure to get lots of sleep every night!  We need to keep up our energy for fun in Grade One!
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me at school, send a note in your child’s communication bag, or send an e-mail.
         Mrs. Little                                                     (506)453-5429                                       karen.little@nbed.nb.ca


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