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April 18
Week of April 18, 2017
Tuesday, April 18th, 2017
Dear Families:
We hope you have enjoyed the long weekend! On Thursday, we were fortunate to attend another First Nations Cultural Presentation. We watched a young grass dancer perform while dressed in his traditional “regalia”. Ask your child about what he/she learned.
What we are learning:
Literacy - This week we will introduce the first five words of List 6 (away, old, by, their, here). We will also introduce the ending sounds, “ng”, “nk” and “al”. The reading strategy that we will focus on for the month of April is flipping the vowel sound: when you have read a word and you know it doesn’t sound right or make sense, think about the other sound that vowel in the word could make and flip the sound!
Math – We will continue practicing our addition and subtraction facts as well as counting to 100 in a variety of ways (2s, 5s, 10s etc.).
You and Your World – April 22 is Earth Day! This month we will be discussing ways that we can all be earth helpers to care for our beautiful planet!
Information Items/Dates to Remember:
·         Our Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser is underway.  Money raised is due April 27th.  You can register online at: jumpropeforheart.ca in order to receive a free skipping rope.
·         Popcorn is still being sold every Tuesday and Thursday for $2.00.  Flavour choices are: salt & butter, white cheddar, sweet & salty, dill pickle.
·         Spring has sprung and we’ve got the puddles to prove it! To be proactive with impending water and mud adventures, we ask that you please send your child with extra socks, underwear, and pants to keep in their book bag. A pair of rubber boots and splash pants would be great too, for those wet days ahead!
·         Try to pack litterless lunches for your child this month in celebration of Earth Day.
·         There will be no school on April 28th due to teacher professional development.
·         The We Act group will be selling handmade key chains and bracelets next week for two dollars. All proceeds will go to support our friends in Haiti. Thank you for your ongoing support.
·         Cold season is here and we are out of Kleenex!  If you have an extra box at home that you could donate, we would be most appreciative!
·         Practice our new List 6 words and phrases.
·         Read your take home books to your homework helper – what strategies are you using to figure out any tricky words?
·         Practice counting forwards and backwards starting at a random number between 1-100. Ex. Count backwards from 63…
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at school, send a note in your child’s communication bag, or send an e-mail.
         Mrs. Little                                                     (506)453-5429                                       karen.little@nbed.nb.ca


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