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December 19
Weekly News For Dec. 19th - 23rd

Dear Families:

 We hope you all have a safe, healthy and happy holiday. We look forward to seeing our students back at school on Tuesday, January 10th. Monday, January 9th is a professional learning day for teachers.

 What we are learning:

Literacy - This week we will introduce the next five words on List 3 (get, them, like, one, this). Our reading strategy for the month of December will be to look at the beginning sound of an unknown word and get our mouth ready to say that sound.  We will also continue to practice the letter sounds “ou/ow” (mouse/cow) and introduce the sound “ue” (blue/clue).

Math – We will continue to review +0/+1/+2 and +3 this week (the strategy that the children have learned is to find the greatest number and count on). 

You and Your World - We will continue to discuss the difference between needs and wants as well as learn about one another’s traditions. 

Information Items/Dates to Remember:

·       The last day of school in 2016 is Friday, December 23rd. It is a half day for students.  students are dismissed at 11:00 on Dec 23.  Students return to school after the holiday on Tuesday, January 10th.

·       The cafeteria will be serving Christmas dinner on Tuesday, December 20th and no other options will be available to purchase.

·       WE ACT group is selling Christmas ornaments for $1.00 each-proceeds are going to the Community Kitchen and Haiti.

·       It would be helpful if your child had an extra change of clothes including mittens and socks as we are noticing many are coming in from recess with wet clothes.


·       Each night have your child read 1 good fit book to his/her “homework helper” and please practice your sight words and phrases as well.

·       Please look around your house for overdue library books as well as home reading books.

 As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me at school, send a note in your child’s communication bag, or send an e-mail.


 Mrs. Hudson                     (506)453-5429        stacy.hudson@nbed.nb.ca


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