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January 11
RCMP National Youth Engagement Week

Want to train like a Mountie for a week?

National Youth Engagement Week is a unique opportunity to experience five days at Depot, the RCMP's training academy in Regina.  A select group of Grade 12 students from across Canada will experience what it's like to be a cadet in training.

If chosen, you will get the opportunity to interact with police officers from various RCMP units.  Activities may include a fitness session, drill class, driving simulation, police defensive tactics, a tour of the RCMP heritage Centre and much more.

Date:  March 25-29, 2019

Location:  RCMP Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan

Cost:  FREE!  Travel, accommodation and meals will be provided by the RCMP.

To be considered, you must:

  • ​Be interested in a law enforcement career
  • Be a Grade 12 student
  • Be proficient in English and/or French
  • Live in Canada
To receive a copy of the application, please email:  rcmp.NYEW-SNEJ.grc@rcmp-grc.gc.ca  

Send in your application before January 31, 2019

January 09
SEED Program

The SEED program is now accepting applications.  This is a summer employment program for students who will be continuing their education at a post-secondary institution in September.  Please visit SEED Program​ to apply.  Students are encouraged to apply early.

December 11
University of Alberta

​Boarding UAlberta is an exclusive event open to Grade 11 students from across Canada.  Twenty lucky students will be chosen to visit the North Campus in Edmonton for the weekend of May 24-26, 2019.  This is your chance to see first hand if Edmonton and the University of Alberta is the right fit for you.  If selected, your ticket will include flights, accommodations and a whirlwind weekend of exciting events both on campus and in Edmonton.  More information is available at uab.ca/boarding​  

Apply by February 10, 2019.

November 30
Saint Mary's University

A representative from Saint Mary’s University will be in the cafeteria at lunch on Thursday, January 17th.​

November 02
AFS Canada Scholarships

AFS Interculture Canada gives scholarships up to $5000 for a year high school program, $400 for a semester high school program, $3000 for a trimester high school program, $1500 for a summer program, and $4000 for a community service program.

The scholarships are offered to participants registered in an AFS program.  The candidates must meet the admission criteria of the host country and have been accepted by AFS Canada.  The Participation Agreement must have been signed and returned to the AFS office in Montreal.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Aged between 15 to 18 years old on the day of departure according to the country chosen
  • Present yor complete application file before the scholarships deadline, which is March 1st
  • Enclose a letter explaining why you (the participant) should obtain a grant (max. 1 page long)
  • Provide any other documentation or information that my influence the Selection Committee's decision
​​For more information, contact Stephanie Girouard at stephanie.girouard@afs.org

Deadline to apply is March 1, 2019.

November 01
YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange Program

Experience the Journey of a Lifetime!

Discover your potential with the YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange Program.  You'll travel to another part of Canada for a six-week English/French cultural immersion program that gives you the opportunity to:

  • Improve language skills
  • Gain work experience in another province
  • Make new friends with other exchange participants and with a billeted homestay
This program begins in late June and is open to students 16-17 years old.  Apply online at summer-work.com​ and start your journey today!
First priority applications due March 16th.
Second priority applications due May 15th.

October 03
Scholarship Presentation
June 12
Student Loans

​The website is now open for Government Student Loans.Student Loans​ 

May 29
13 Reasons Why

We would like to bring to your attention the recent release of the second season of the Netflix ​series “13 Reasons Why.” The series highlights topics such as teen suicide, rape, sexual abuse, bullying, substance abuse, gun violence and threat related behaviours.

The Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response (CCTATR) cautions educators to be mindful of using this as an educational resource as it may contribute as an additional risk enhancer to those who are vulnerable, have a history of trauma, are victims of related content, or are currently struggling with suicidal ideation. After discussion with our administration this will not be viewed in our classrooms.

We bring this to your attention because students have been and will be viewing this (quite possibly binge-watching it alone), talking about it with their peers and thinking about the messages of this series. Many are also re-watching Season 1 in anticipation of the new season. While many youth are emotionally prepared to process the messages and the graphic nature of this series and its content, many vulnerable youth are not. We are asking that all be vigilant in watching for warning signs of affected youth.

Attached are some resources for educators and parents​. 13 Reasons Why Netflix Series - Considerations for Educators - NASP.pdf13 Reasons Why Netflix Series - Considerations for Educators - NASP.pdfInformation Regarding the Upcoming Release of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 - NASP.pdfInformation Regarding the Upcoming Release of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 - NASP.pdf
April 25
New Scholarship Website

Attention Grade 12 students who are continuing their education in the fall.  There is a new website to help you search for scholarships.  ScholarTree.ca streamlines the scholarship process for you; all you have to do is create a simple profile and based on the information you provide (including school, field of interest, volunteer experience etc.), you will be matched to all of the scholarships for which you qualify.  ScholarTree is 100% free to students!


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