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December 01
St. Thomas University

On Thursday, December 9th, St. Thomas University will have an information booth in the cafeteria over the lunch hour.  Grade 12 students can apply on-the-spot for free.  Admissions representatives can also provide preliminary scholarship assessments for any new or previous applicants, and meet with students in any grade level to discuss STU's unique educational approach, academic programs, and campus community geared towards better understanding and improving the world in which we live.

November 25
Saint Mary's University

​Virtual Open House - December 4th  12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Join virtually to learn more about what Saint Mary's has to offer.  Learn about the programs, scholarships, tuition, and experiental learning opportunities.  Attendees will be able to apply for free!

Event Agenda:

  • 12:00 pm Welcome from the President
  • 12:10 pm Dean of Arts
  • 12:15 pm Dean of Commerce
  • 12:20 pm Dean of Science
  • 12:30 pm Event Overview
  • 1:00 pm  Academic Sessions
  • 1:30 pm  SMU 101, Admissions, & Student Services
Register at:  SMU.CA/OPENHOUSE

November 24
Oulton College

Wednesday, November 24th at 6PM - Career in Policing an Corrections - Staring special guest, Isabelle Beaulier, RCMP Recruiter

RSVP here:  Career in Policing & Corrections

Monday, November 29th at 7PM - All About Oulton College and their 19 programs

RSVP here:  Oulton College

Tuesday, November 30th at 6PM - Career as a Veterinary Technician

RSVP here:  Vet Tech

Get a chance to win a $5000 tuition credit if you request information before June 01, 2022.

Get a chance to win a MacBook if you book a meeting before December 31st.

Get a free hoodie if you pay your program deposit before December 31st.​

November 19
Think Big Scholarship

​Heavy Equipment Student Scholarships

If you enjoy hands on work, problem solving, and new experiences, the Heavy Equipment Program is for you!  Become a highly specialized expert in electronically controlled engines, advanced technology, computer-based diagnostics, state-of-the-art hydraulics and transmissions.

Scholarships of $2000 will be awarded to successful applicants; $1000 towards 1st semester tuition, then upon successful completion of semester 1, $1000 will be awarded to the remainder of the program.

More information can be found here:  Think BIg Scholarship copy (1).pdfThink BIg Scholarship copy (1).pdf

Application form:  Think Big Scholarship Application - AR.pdfThink Big Scholarship Application - AR.pdf

November 19
University of Alberta

​The University of Alberta is welcoming 20 lucky students with the opportunity to get away and experience a Top 5 university like never before!  U of A Getaway is a whirlwind weekend of exciting events where students will stay in residence, explore state-of-the-art facilities, learn about their 200+ programs, discover hidden gems on campus, and experience all U of A has to offer!

Attendees will visit Alberta's capital city, Edmonton, where they'll discover the breathtaking North Campus, nestled atop the lush North Saskatchewan river valley and just steps away from the bustling Whyte Avenue district.  Their adventure will include transportation reimbursement (up to a maximum based on location), accommodations, meals, and a jam-packed schedule of events.

Who:  Open to grade 11 students throughout Canada

When:  May 27-29, 2022

Where:  University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

20 Grade 11 students will be selected for this unique experience.  Students can learn more and apply at uab.ca/getaway. The application deadline is January 28, 2022.

Please note, as of November 1, 2021, guests visiting the University of Alberta are required to be fully vaccinated and must provide proof of vaccination upon arrival.  For more information, please visit uab.ca/covid19

November 17

The AARAO Expo event will be happening on Thursday, November 18th.  The Expo will be held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

The vFairs platform will be used for this event.  Students and counsellors will be able to access the site on the day of the Expo to explore 50 post-secondary opportunities.  Each booth will have representatives on this day allowing for live conversations.  Everyone is encouraged to pre-register for the event here:  www.aarao.ca/fairs  To access the AARAO page on the vFairs platform, please visit:  aarao.vfairs.com

After the Expo, each virtual information booth will remain accessible online for students and counsellors at any time until March 2022.  There is a second live Expo day on December 2, 2021 from 9:00am to 4:00pm and 6:00pm to 9:00pm which will once again allow the opportunity for conversations with any representative a student may want to talk to.

vFairs is an easy to navigate platform, and will be accessible to use through smartphones, tablets, and computers.

There are cash incentives for the upcoming 3 virtual events listed above.  In order to be eligible for a chance to win these prizes, students must be currently attending a Canadian high school and be a Canadian resident.  Students must register and attend one of the upcoming events.  There is a $500 cash prize for the evening fair on November 18th and $1000 cash prize the Expo Day on December 2nd.

November 16
Universite de Moncton

​Want to go to uMoncton, but haven't applied yet?  Good news!  Virtual admission sessions for Universite de Moncton will take place on November 26th and December 1st.

On these dates, you will have the chance to complete your online admission form and ask any questions you may have.  The sessions will take place on Zoom at

  • 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm - Friday, November 26th
  • 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and 7:00 pm - Wednesday, December 1st
Link to admission form:  Apply UMoncton
Link to Zoom meeting:  Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID:  981 437 1452
Passcode:  umoncton

November 15
Mount Saint Vincent University

A representative from Mount Saint Vincent University will be in the cafeteria at lunch on Tuesday, December 7th.  Students interested in learning more about MSVU are encouraged to attend.

November 15
Queen's University

Queen’s University – 2022-23 Major Admission Award – Timeline & Frequently Asked Questions:

Each year, Queen’s University offers prospective high school students who demonstrate superior academic ability, creative and original thinking, engagement in school and community, and proven leadership qualities with an opportunity to apply for a major admission award. Approximately 80 major admission awards are granted on an annual basis ranging in value between $36,000 - $80,000 over four years of study.  

The Major Admission Award student application is an online student application for eligible Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents.  This online application is part of an on-going focus to modernize our online tools and applications within the Student Awards Office.

Key Messages:

I. Student Benefits:

  • Secure single sign on protocol using Queen’s standard of NetID and password.
  • Online application removes geographical barriers enabling all applicants with a uniform submission process.
  • Reduced data entry for students and edits to provide guidance.
  • Ability to save ‘in progress’ application.
  • Ability to upload documents within the student application.
  • Ability for High School Official (e.g. Guidance Counsellor, Vice Principal) to access application and validate nomination of student.
  • Ability to submit online application and receive immediate electronic confirmation of receipt of application. 
  • Web based ‘responsive design’ to be mobile device friendly.

II. Timeline for submitting application:

September – October:

  • Students interested in Queen’s should review eligibility requirements for the awards within the Major Admission Award program on the Student Awards website.
  • If the student is applying for the Chancellor’s Scholarship – they must identify their interest to a High School Official.  They will be required to include the High School Official’s Contact info / Email info if applying for the Chancellor’s Scholarship.
  • Students can prepare their responses and ready their supporting documentation for the MAA application in advance of submitting online in SOLUS (SOLUS cannot be accessed until after applying for admission to Queen's). Note: The practice application contains the exact questions that will appear on the online MAA application. There will not be any additional questions.

Mid November:

  • We strongly encourage candidates to apply for admission to Queen’s via OUAC by November 20.  This will enable processing time to ensure students have access to the Queen’s student portal – SOLUS in order to submit the Major Admission Award Application by December 8 online.
  • Within 3-5 business days upon submission of OUAC application – the student will receive instructions for accessing Queen’s Student Portal – SOLUS.

December 8:

  • Deadline to submit the online Major Admission Awards application.
  • High School Officials for students wishing to be considered for the Chancellor’s. Scholarship will receive a communication upon student submission to validate the nomination.  

 III. Some anticipated Questions:

 1) Why is your deadline of December 8 so early?

  • The students that apply for these awards are extraordinary students.  The earlier they apply to Queen’s, the sooner we can evaluate their admission qualifications and extend an offer of admission.  

2) Our school will not have provided students with their Application Access Code Letter in time for the December 8, 2021 deadline.  

  • We want to provide students with the time to get set up in our Queen’s student portal – SOLUS and complete their online Major Admission Award application by December 8.  Note: Students have the ability to review and prepare their responses now.  There is a practice Major Admission Award application on the Student Awards web site that represents the same questions they will be asked to respond to when they fill out online.  Major Admissions Award
  • We have consulted with the Ontario Universities Application Centre. According to their timelines, High Schools in Ontario should have ability to provide students with their temporary PIN numbers to access the OUAC application by mid November.

 There are a few days flexibility in terms of the date we recommend students apply for admission through OUAC.  Students would still have time to access their Queen’s Student Portal - SOLUS and submit the Major Admission Award application if they apply for admission to OUAC by November 20.

3) Our school does not permit the student to see any letters of reference from a high school representative (e.g. teacher, counsellor, coach)

  • If there are extenuating circumstances, or there is a policy in your school that letters of reference from school officials must be confidential to the student, the High School Official must:

·         Email entrance@queensu.ca and identify your name and role, your school name, city, province, and the legal name (last name, first name) of the student, OUAC number or Queen’s student number

·         Include the reason why the student is unable to upload the Letter of Reference as part of the student’s online application submission.

·         Provide the student with a pdf document on school letterhead and your signature.  The student can upload this document into the Referee Section for completion of their application which indicates: “Letter of Reference must be sent directly to Queen’s by my school”

·         Scan the school official letter of reference and send to entrance@queensu.ca by no later than December 8.

·         The Queen’s program coordinator will replace the student’s document with the school official letter of reference to the student’s application in our administrative system for distribution to the selection committee.


4) Is the student permitted to upload high school transcripts?

  • Students are permitted to upload their high school transcripts/grade information for use by the Major Admission Award Selection committee.  As part of the Major Admission Award application process, there is a mandatory Applicant Declaration Statement that requires the student to certify the accuracy and completeness of all aspects of the application, including uploaded documents.
  • Requirements for High School Applicant Transcripts for admission purposes remain unchanged. 

5)  How do I nominate a student in the new online application?

  • Students will be required to include this information on their Major Admission Award application.  Upon submission of their application, the High School Official will receive an email providing access to the High School Official form which must be filled out confirming the Chancellor’s Scholarship nomination status.  The student’s application is not considered complete without the High School Official submission.
  • Students will receive a subsequent email confirming that the High School Official has submitted.
  • High School Official must submit by no later than December 9, 2021.
If you have any questions, please direct them to: entrance@queensu.ca​ 
October 26

Early Start Credits

The Early Start Credit program is now up and running.  Grade 12 students from New Brunswick Anglophone High Schools who are on track to graduate are eligible to take up to two courses next semester for credit.  You can find information about the courses offered, eligibility, available funding, and the application process here.

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