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November 01
Code of Conduct 2022-2023
October 10
FHS Basketball Tryouts
Oct 20:
VB 4-5:30 Main
JVB 4-5:30 Side
VG 5:30-7 Main

Oct 21:
VG 4-5:30 Main
JVB 4-5:30 Side
VB 5:30-7 Main

Oct 22:
VG 8:30-10 Main
VB 10-11:30 Main
JVB 11:30-1:30 Main

JV Girls - Oct 31, 5:30-7 Main Gym

September 23
Boys Hockey Tryouts - Registration
September 08
FHS Girls Hockey Tryouts

Sept 20.      7:45pm - 8:45 pm

Sept 24.      3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Sept 29.      6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Oct 1.           12 pm - 1 pm

All tryouts are at Grant Harvey Arena
Tryout fee:  $80 + Transaction fee

All payments must be made before tryouts to cashless schools or debit/credit at main office

All waiver forms must be printed and signed and brought to the first tryout or you will NOT be allowed on the ice

Please register prior to Sept 16

If you require further information please contact Janyce Aubie
Team Manager

March 17
JV Boys Volleyball

JV Boys Volleyball

Nick Tingley

Jared Chiasson

Seth Fullarton

Wafi Chowdhury

Ahmed Menesi

Noah Bilodeau

Zach Warren

Ian Carmichael

Jake Saunders

Scott Beach 

Matt Messenger

Matt Haynes-MacDonald​

March 17
JV Girls Volleyball


Ruby McCormack

Ava Quigley

Olivia Battiste

Samantha Messer

Lily Horncastle

Kathryn Stewart

Ava Slipp

Janie Loveridge

Morgan Coy

Nessa Quigley

Kate Armstrong

Lauren Magee


Today at ESA: 4:30 warmup for 5:00 match, please arrive at 4:15​

March 16
Varisty Girls Volleyball

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Naomi Hicks

Jenna Loveridge

Eden Cormier

Ella Christie

Elle Kilburn

Mery Worley

Kristen Taylor

Emily Robichaud

Avery Ramey

Rachel Johnson

Christine Hall

Sarah Legere 

Ana McCain

Katheryne Szmadyla

Keira Campbell

Amelia Beyl​

March 13
JV Girls Volleyball

Monday (Mar 14)

5:45 side gym -  all athletes…we will begin cutting to roster AFTER this tryout

Tuesday (Mar 15)


Wednesday (Mar 16)

5:45 side gym – there will be a list of invited athletes posted following the Monday tryout then a final cut after Wednesday

Thursday (Mar 17)

match @ ESA 5:00

Friday (Mar 18)

5:45 side gym Nota bene: Busy week!  We will discuss whether we use this time and how.  For the time being, keep it in your calendar. 

Saturday (Mar 19)

match vs LHHS 11:00

March 13
Varsity Boys Volleyball Tryouts

​The following players plus anyone that has not had a chance to tryout are asked to attend the tryout on Monday March 14th 5:45.

Wyatt A 

Lance M 

Brady B 

Graydon C 

Graydon L 

Jayden C 

Connor W 

Finn M 

Nick R 

 Micah T 

Max Y 

Noah V 

March 03
Badminton Team List
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 Athletic Director



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