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Anglophone West School District Report Card Monitoring November 2021.pdfSuperintendent Reports-DEC
ASD-W-350-1 - Identification of Gifted and Talented Learners.pdfSuperintendent Reports-DEC
ASD-W-350-2 - Gifted and Talented Learners - Opportunities.pdfSuperintendent Reports-DEC
ASD-W-350-2A - Gifted and Talented Learners - Appendix A - Enrichment Pyramid of Response.pdfSuperintendent Reports-DEC
ASD-W-350-2B - Gifted and Talented Learners - Appendix B - Individual Enrichment Plan.pdfSuperintendent Reports-DEC
DEC Report ER2.1 Nov 2021.pdfSuperintendent Reports-DEC
DIP 2021 22 (Oct 4).pdfSuperintendent Reports-DEC
New Brunswick Global Competencies Poster.pdfSuperintendent Reports-DEC
One Page Provincial Assessment Snapshot.pdfSuperintendent Reports-DEC