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December 01

Hey – YOU – Dec. 2nd is EXPO Day! Already attended? That’s cool - we like people. Come ask more questions. For those newly registered or yet to join... Let's Go!

Check this out first- Do you want $1000? Me too! Read on to find out how you get a grand in your hand just in time for the Holidays!

Dear Student,

We come to you as those who have been there, who have witnessed, guided, and supported the post-secondary journeys of countless students. We remember them. We remember us. We were like you once, and we care about you and your future and want you to find a good way for yourself. We are the recruitment and admissions reps of AARAO and we take our professional roles seriously, but at the end of the day we’re just people who want to help and we hope you’ll feel comfortable to chat with us.


AARAO … the Atlantic Association of Registrar’s and Admissions Officers, obvi

COOL. SO WHAT’S THE DEAL, THO?? (pssst, you can use your phone however a computer gives the best user experience.)

GO TO: https://aarao.vfairs.com anytime between 9AM-4PM and 6PM-9PM Atlantic Time Zone

LOGIN – using the info you registered with (if you can’t remember, ‘Register Now’ again!) to find:

  • 50 Exhibitors! Colleges, Universities, Complimentary Educational Programs – CHECK THEM OUT and ‘Chat’ with reps in the ➡️ Exhibit Hall
  • VIDEOS from all Exhibitors are stored in the ➡️ Video Vault
  • Viewbooks, brochures, pamphlets, documents found in ➡️ Resources
  • Collect what you like along the way to save and download later in your ➡️ Swag Bag
  • See past presentations from AARAO members in the ➡️ Auditorium 
  • Connect with fellow participants by ➡️ Networking and get help at the ➡️ Information Desk
  • Plus find fun extras like the “Sounds of Atlantic Canada” Spotify playlist!


For today, yes, but now that you’ve registered you can access to this virtual space 24/7 to explore your options when it works for you – all the way until the end of February 2022! Come back anytime after the live EXPO Day today to check out these booths! 

Now, go make the best biggest decision of your life already! Opportunities abound at the AARAO EXPO…

Oh, right. The Money. I can hear you thinking “GIMMIE THE MONEY!”

It’s quite simple, really. Attend the event on Dec. 2nd, and we will have our backend robots select a student at random and poof, the money is yours!
But what if I attended the other events? Do I still qualify?

ABSOLUTELY! Just show up, visit some booths and you have the opportunity to win!

We look forward to seeing you at the Expo! ​


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