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June 07
7ABC - Corbett Brooks Marsh Tour Field Trip

​Students should have received an information form outlining the details for this field trip. There is not cost, and will take up the whole morning.

7B & 7C will be attending the walking tour guide of Corbett Brooks Marsh with Dr. Brian Hayden on Tuesday, June 12th.

7A will be attending the same guided tour on Tuesday, June 19th

Stephanie Browne


June 06
6ABDE LA - Persuasive Writing Assignment

​DATE CHANGE: Due Tuesday, June 12, 2018Persuasive Writing Assignment.docxPersuasive Writing Assignment.docx

June 05
Grade 9 Advanced Math Placement Test

Hello all!


Just a note to remind everyone who is interested, that the grade 9 advanced Math placement test takes place on two dates. You can choose which date.

1) Wednesday June 6th at 5pm


2) Saturday June 9th at 9am.

The test will be held at FHS and you should enter through the doors by the office​ (second major set of doors when you enter from Priestman Street).

The test will have two parts:  the first part without a calculator and the second part will require a calculator.  The test as a whole, will take one hour.


You will need to bring:  a calculator and a pencil.

Good luck!!!!

June 03
7ABC - math & sci

7ABC - Science

Save a Species Project - Parts 1, 2 and 3 are due this week. 7A and 7C are due have a due date on Wed, June 6th. 7B​ has a due date on Thurs, June 7th. 7B was given an incorrect date in their email. Sorry!

7BC - Math

Just a reminder that your Unit Test on Patterns & Relations is tomorrow, Monday, June 4th. Study hard!

- Mrs. Browne

June 01
Superhero Walk for Autism

Hello families of 7C,

We are set to attend the Superhero Walk for Autism, rain or shine tomorrow, Saturday, June 2nd. I will be at the event by 9am (aiming for 8:45am)​. Students can come anytime from 9am to 1pm. 1pm I will be leaving, so make sure to pick up your child by then.

Bring comfortable shoes if you'd like to walk/run! Pizza, prizes and music begin at 12pm.


See you there!

May 30
Math Exam 8FI

Hello amazing students and parents!


I haven`t been writing as much as I was trying to encourage the students to take some notes and work on organization as well as independence.  We have been working through a few concepts just using the text.  You learned how it is set up and how to find the information that you need as well as identify areas you need to work on.  We have almost finished the algebra chapter and I gave back the tests last week. Please use these to study for the exam.

The exam will be on Tuesday June 5th and Wednesday June 6th during Math class.  I must add that the point of the exam is to reduce anxiety when writing a broader test AND to be able to organize your learning by knowing what you need to review.

The exam will be multiple choice in two parts.  I chose multiple choice because many students find those questions challenging and it`s a great straegy to work on.  I can also ask more questions this way and be more specific as the exam is designed to take 30-35 mins for each part.

For those students who want to try and achieve a 4 or 4+ on this exam, you will have the opportunity to answer a seperate bonus test with two word problems or more time consuming calculations.   If you answer ALL questions on both parts correctly, this will result in a 3+ as there will be a few more complex questions to answer within the multiple choice section.   If you recieve a 3+ on the first two parts and answer one of the two bonus questions correctly you will recieve a 4.  If you answer both with a 3+ on the multiple choice part, you will recieve 4+.


Here are your topics or what you should be able to do for the exam:


  • add, subtract, multiply and divide integers (negative numbers)
  • multiply and divide fractions
  • calculate a missing side of a right-triangle using Pythagoras Theorem
  • estimate imperfect square roots
  • calculate perfect square roots
  • calculate area and perimeter
  • balance equations and solve (one a two step equations)
  • Distributive Theory 9la distributivité)
  • Calculate percent of a number
  • Convert between fraction, decimal and percent.
  • Area of a circle and circumference
  • Surface Area of a cube and rectangular prism
  • Calculate the probability of an independent event (rolling a dice, flipping a coin etc

THe students are allowed a `cheat sheet``-one cue card, both sides so choose wisely.......


I will review concepts by request for the remainder of the week!  If you borrow a text please tell me the number so I can sign it out.

Happy studying!



May 27
7BC - Math

Patterns and Relations Test (Math) as been moved to Monday, June 4th! Study hard and come see me at recess/activity time (mon, thurs or fri) or during duty in the library (tues or wed)​ this week for extra help.

May 20
7BC - math
Many students did not submit their 2-page work sheets on algebraic equations, graphs, and patterns last week. It is now overdue! Also, future dates to note are: 
- Thursday, May 24th  - One-Step Equations Quiz
- Friday, June 1st (tentative) - Patterns & Relations Unit Test (update to confirm date will be provided in class and by email and post next weekend)
May 16
7B & 7C - math & sci

In Mathematics: This week students are continuing to learn more about algebraic equations. Students have had a few work days, and they are to hand in their 2-page work sheets by the end of tomorrow’s (Thursday) class.

In Science: Students completed their Escape Rooms and had a great time beating the Gas Master! I hope they enjoyed their fun review. Just a reminder that 7B is writing their Unit Test tomorrow, Thursday, May 17th. 7C wrote their Unit Test today (Wednesday). Both classes will begin their new unit on Ecosystems next week! 

May 16
7A - science

The date of your Unit Test has been rescheduled for Friday, May 18th. This is a day later than scheduled. This is due to the Grade 7 vaccinations occurring tomorrow morning, which might have disrupted to the scheduled test. Please be prepared to write this Friday. Tomorrow (Thursday) will be another day to review for the test.

Next week we begin our unit on Ecosystems!​

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