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May 27
Science Project #2

​We will be starting this after our unit test on ecosystems. This will be an in class project that we will be working on. Students might need to work on this at home if they do not complete it during class time. I have included the outline for the project in this post.

Lesson 11+ Invent a Species Project.docLesson 11+ Invent a Species Project.doc

May 21

​A few reminders for this week for grade 7's.

  • The permission slip to magic mountain is due by Monday, May 27th so we can have ideas of numbers attending.
  • There is a science open book test this week for all classes.
  • Reminder that your science project "ecology children's book"  is due on  Thursday, May 30th.

That's all for now, Mrs. Robinson

May 17
7A, 6/7B, 7C, 7D

​Reminder to return permission slip for end of year school activity.  Please return by Tuesday, May 21st.  Cost of trip can be paid online, by cheque or cash.  If you wish to pay later just note this on the permission form.  We need to get back to the organization with our numbers as soon as possible.  Copy of permission slip below

2019_Magic Mountain permission slip.docx2019_Magic Mountain permission slip.docx

More details about the trip will follow as we get closer to the time.

May 17
6B Math

​Input Output Practice due Tuesday - 2 double sided pages.

May 17
7A, 7B, 7C, 7D Math

Marked Assessment

Most students received their assessment returned either earlier this week or today.  Please make corrections and have your parents sign them​ before returning them onTuesday.


Mid Unit Review Page 29 should be complete - worked on in class Tuesday and Wednesday

Graphing Relations Page 33-34 should be complete - worked on in class Wednesday and Thursday

Reading and Writing Equations Page 36-37 - should be almost finished (started in class on Thursday)

Small Groups Reminder

Practice Booklets will be collected on Tuesday  - these should either be finish now or finished by Tuesday morning.

May 14
7A, 6/7B, 7C, 7D Math Assignment

Grade 7 Text Unit 1​


  • Pages 27 & 28 all questions (these questions should have been completed in class Friday and today)
  • Page 29 Mid Unit Review - All questions (these questions should have been finished or almost finished during class today)

7B, 7C, 7D

  • Pages 27 & 28 all questions (these questions should have been completed in class Friday and today)
  • Page 29 Mid Unit Review - questions 1- 4 (these questions should have been finished or almost finished during class today)


Grade 6 Text​

  • Page 12-15 - Questions 1 & 2

May 08
Shakespeare Assignment

​The students are delving into a Shakespearean experience by participating in a simpler version of some of Shakespeare's plays - a different play for each class. We hope to perform these as readers theatres sometime during the third week of May, perhaps outside on the soccer field, weather permitting.

The students are also working on an assignment of their choice from Shakespearean/ Elizabethan England. They can choose to write a report, build a model, write a poem, do a drawing or a virtual model of something from that era. It can be clothing, Shakespeare's plays, food, buildings, theatres, games, type of work or some other topic that the student may wish to do, with the teacher's permission. A copy of the outline is attached.

Have fun with it!

Shakespearean Assignment.docxShakespearean Assignment.docx

May 06
Science Project- 7A, 6/7B, 7C, 7D

Ecosystems book project.docEcosystems book project.doc

I have uploaded the new project for Science. The due date for this project is May 30th, 2019. Have fun and be creative with this project!

April 16
New Immigrant Project

​The students are working on a civics project that looks at information new immigrants would find helpful when they arrive in Canada. A representative from the Multicultural Association of Fredericton has presented to the class and the Honorable Matt DeCourcey will be visiting to talk about his job as Member of Parliament and secretary to the Minister of Immigration.

The assignment is to be at least 4 pages long, include pictures and graphics and a 1 page fridge sheet with contact names and numbers of frequently contacted departments in the government and other community supports.

The outline is attached. Information sheets from the MultiCultural Association are also attached.

The assignment is due April 23, 2019.

Final Project for civics education.docxFinal Project for civics education.docxBrochures MCAF.zipBrochures MCAF.zip

April 12
8ABCD Science review

​Please check the attachments for review.

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