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December 06
7ABD Math/Science

Today Friday Files are being sent home containing the following Math/Science items:

1) STEAM Outline #2 - If this was not submitted this week, students will have a Missed/Late Assignment notice that must be completed in addition to having the outline ready for Monday.

2) STEAM Sources - This is a template that students can use to document their research. It is extremely important that students fully explain the underlying concept that supports the results from their projects. A minimum of 3 sources must be included in the final report.


3) Adding / Subtracting Fractions Test (7BD ONLY) - The highest mark achievable on this assessment is a 4. There is a corrections page provided for students to fix their mistakes.

*Please remind students to bring a compass, ruler and pencil to every Math class.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Lingley & Ms. Corlett​

December 05
MJs Math-extension for Pixel Project-Monday December 16th

​Hello all!

I have given an alternate date for the Pixel Art project-Monday December 16th by 3:10pm.

Students who hand it in on the 9th will recieve a bonus point for managing their time well. There is no penalty for handing it in on the 16th, students can still recieve a 4+ on this date!


Instructions for the project are in my previous posts.  The sheet for the work is under my documents (l`art des fractions) in addition to the rubric fo the project.

I have posted a few more Ppts under My Documents as well pertaining to fractions (review), I encourage students to review these concepts.


Have a great rest of week everyone!

December 04
Cooking Club

For cooking club we had a snow day on Tuesday, December 3rd so we have rescheduled the next cooking class for Thursday, December 5th from 3:15- 4:30.

Our last cooking class that we will have for the year is Monday, December 16th from 3:15-4:30.

We look forward to cooking with you and doing some Christmas baking too.


December 04
Social Studies 7
This is a project that we started today and will be working on it during classes. Presentations start Monday, December 16.SS7 ch3 economic security project.docxSS7 ch3 economic security project.docx
December 04
8 ABCD Science Steam project

​As promised under my Teacher page documents the STEAM project guidelines and Rubric have been posted. An email was also sent home.

December 03
Stereotype Projects - Mythbusters!

​Hello everyone,

In Grade 6 Social Studies we are investigating stereotypes, bias, prejudice, and discrimination, as well as the impact these have on the lives of others. Stereotypes are untrue, generalized statements about a group of people based on some part of their identity. Really, stereotypes are just another form of myth. 

I have asked our students to help Bliss Carman "bust" some of these myths by creating a poster or short speech on a school-appropriate stereotype of their choice. By "school-appropriate" I mean that they are not to use profanity, slurs, or explicit images in their creations.

I have attached the project guidelines to this message for you and your child to reference if needed. 

This project is due Thursday, Dec 12th. 

As always, feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions at katlin.copeland@nbed.nb.ca


Ms. Copeland

Busting Stereotypes.docxBusting Stereotypes.docx

December 02
7BD Math

As we are currently studying circles, attached you will find a practice sheet. This can be completed at home in the event of inclement weather this week. We have only covered circumference so far but will be discussing area this week as well.

Circle Review Worksheet.pdf ​

December 02
7ABD Science

As we continue to learn more about minerals and the rock cycle, students should be reading their notes at home. All notes can also be located on Mrs. Lingley's website: https://mrslingley.wixsite.com/mrs-lingleys-class/earth-s-crust​

December 02
MJ`s Math 8- late homework due today, school supplies for class (calculator)  and Pixel art project

​Hello amazing students and parents!

Today the students wrote a quiz on Probability (including demostrating their knowledge of fractions, decimals and percent). It will be returned on Monday.

 Each time we have a quiz:

-The students are told a week ahead

- I review with the students and/or provide a practice test (we did both this time)..

By this time of the year, the students should:  have notes to review (all my notes and explanations are available on the Ppt's under my documents), prior assignments to review, use the internet to research and review and use their time in class wisely.  I am frrequently in my class at activity time over lunch or they can make an extra help request and I will make myself available.

A homework assignment was due to be passed in on Friday November 29th by 3:10pm.  There are students who did not pass thing in (they have had class time t complete as well).

Pixel art assignment is due next Monday (December 9th).  A copy of the sheet to show your calculations and the marking rubric can be found under my documents. (L`art des fractions AND Rubrique projet de pixel) Please ensure that you are prepared for class: pencil, notebook or binder AND a CALCULATOR (NOT a cellphone).  The calculator does not need to be scientific.

 -In the event of a cancelation of school due to weather, please practice your calculations on HoodaMath.com-timed tests.


Have a grreat rest of week!


November 29
7BD Math

We have started to learn about circle geometry and students will need a compass to use next week in class to draw circles.​

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