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May 24
7FI Science - 7E, 7F, 7G, 7H, 7I

May 25-29

Weekly focus: Observation and Recording Skills à  Connecting to space

This week choose to widen the space around you, notice and understand the space you are in (physical space and ‘headspace’), explore ideas about outer space and finally, hold space for yourself and for others

Élargir l’espace autour de toi/Widen the space around you à Peux-tu voir le nouveau-brunswick?/Can you spot New Brunswick?

​Note et comprends l’espace ou que tu te trouves/Notice and understand the space you are in à

Explore les idées de l’espace/Explore ideas about outer space

Agence spatiale Canadienne à EXPLORE LE SITE!!!

Hold space for yourself à Carve out time for YOU and keep a positive mindset by expressing daily gratitude for the life and health we have, the friendships, the family, etc. with journal writing. Show your creativity and use images and colour to enhance your journaling experience

Hold space for others à Give your time and your attention to someone who needs us. A friend, a parent, a younger sibling. Lend an understanding ear and help someone feel heard and supported


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