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May 06
Art: Home Learning Opportunity #4 (Grade 7&8).

Peeking at a Monochromatic Scene 

Activity #4: Under the Documents tab, look for Peeking at a Monochromatic Scene Power Point 

By completing this activity students will:  

  • review color theory by identifying various color schemes. 

  • explore value, tints, shades, and tones of a hue. 

  • consider different viewpoints in a composition and how they communicate to the viewer. 

  •  demonstrate atmospheric perspective in a landscape painting 

*If you do not have watercolor or acrylic paints at home, you may complete the activity using markers or pencil crayons. 

Please note:  

These activities have been created to provide an opportunity for you to explore a variety of Art forms and techniques. These activities could be undertaken at any point in time between now and June, if desired.    

 Activities are intended to be self-paced and are being provided to students as an additional opportunity for learning only. It is not mandatory for students to complete these Art activities.   

 Please email if you have any questions or would like to share the Art you are making at home. 

Have fun! 




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