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April 06
Hello families and guardians of 7E!

Dear Parents/Guardians:

 We hope this e-mail finds you and your family safe and well. We really miss seeing our students!


Our teaching team met virtually today and we are now preparing learning opportunities for our students.


Microsoft “Teams”:

·         Teachers are planning to make themselves available to have a weekly “open classroom” timeslot via the Teams App so that we can live-connect with students in a group setting

·         Microsoft Teams is set up specifically for student use

·         Questions and answers posted on Teams are seen by all FYI

·         Students should receive a link in their student e-mail (if they have not already) to join the teams for their individual subjects

·         Students can also email teachers directly


Academic expectations:

Students in grades 6-8 are being encouraged to participate in a total of 2 hours of schoolwork per day plus reading (30 mins.) and physical activity (30 mins.)


·         The province's Learning at Home website:


·         BCMS’s website: 



Further roles and expectations:

·         Our role as teachers is to facilitate and to guide learning opportunities

·         Our team will continue sending you a weekly update with learning opportunities offered

·         Your role as parents is to encourage your child to explore the learning opportunities provided

·         Students are encouraged to send in any of their work via Teams and teachers will provide feedback

·         Homeroom teachers will communicate with their classes in the coming days about having a specific time to drop into Microsoft Teams for a virtual video chat with their homeroom. Stay tuned!


Our mantra over the next little while is "flexibility, compassion, patience."  Continue to follow the call of our national and provincial leaders to stay home as much as possible, maintain physical distancing when you do need to go out, and to wash your hands frequently.  WE MISS YOU!   Your Grade 7FI Teaching Team 😊​


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