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April 06
Welcome to Art (Home Learning Opportunities Edition)

​​This message is for students currently in Art (Term 3)

Hello Eagles!

I will be updating my Teacher page each week with new Art activities. 

All Activities will be posted under the Documents Tab at the top of my page.

These activities have been created to provide an opportunity for you to explore a variety of Art forms and techniques​.  These activities could be undertaken at any point in time between now and June,  if desired.   


 ​Please note: 

Each activity is designed to be completed independently by students. Activities are intended to be self-paced and are being provided to students as an additional opportunity for learning only. It is not mandatory that you complete these Art activities.  

The materials listed in each activity are only suggestions. You are encouraged to make use of whatever art materials you have at home.  

Get in touch:

I also want to encourage students to reach out to me through email (lucinda.mills@nbed.nb.ca) . Please feel free to share images of the Art that you are creating while you are home or send me an email  just to say “hi” and let me know what you have been up to. 



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