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March 12
7ABD Science Test

Good afternoon,

There will be a Science Test on Thursday, March 19th. The test will cover the second portion of the Earth's Crust Unit - Continental Drift Theory, Plate Tectonic Theory, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Mountains. Students have received notes, participated in activities and watched videos about this material. The main focus will be on how well students are able to use evidence to support "How" and "Why" questions. 

For example: How did the Continental Drift Theory develop into the Plate Tectonic Theory that we use today?

All classes will be provided with review questions as we discuss in class. Don't forget that I have all documents on my website as well: https://mrslingley.wixsite.com/mrs-lingleys-class/earth-s-crust

Thank you,

Mrs. Lingley​


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