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March 12
Lanuage Arts this week

​Students are watching Freedom Writers as a film study. 

​Set in Los Angeles during the years following the 1992 Rodney King riots, Freedom Writers tells the true story of a young English teacher and her influence in the classroom.  Erin Gruwell begins the school year as an English teacher for the “at-risk” freshmen students at Wilson High School in Long Beach, California. She soon realizes that her diverse group of students is embroiled in the racial gang war culture of the time. Without the positive support of family members or teachers, these students have no expectations of academic success. Each day is a struggle to survive on the streets. 

Assignment for the week: Students are working in groups to discuss one of the following themes. It is expected that each student creates a ONE PAGE response to the film using one of the following themes.



-Family Relationships


-Striving for success





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