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January 27
7A Math

Test - Thursday, January 30

For the upcoming test you need to review the following:

Parallelograms and Triangles

  • the connection between parallelograms and triangles (1/2)
  • base vs height vs length of sides
  • how to find and calculate area & perimeter


  • how to find and calculate circumference & area 
  • identify and calculate radius, diameter,
  • value of pi
Compound shapes
  • Finding total area & perimeter
(Practice worksheets for compound shapes given out on Thursday/Friday - these should be finished by end of class on Tuesday, Jan 28.)

Note: you will also need to remember what we have learned so far about using the following
  • placevalue
  • decimals (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
  • estimation through front-end estimation and rounding
  • Mental Math - Tips & Trick 
    • ​regrouping
    • bridging through Tens
    • Compensation  [ ex.  99 x 5 think (100 x 5) - (1x5) ]

Extra Help - Noon Tuesday this week (usually noon on Thursday)


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