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November 13
MJ`s Math

​Hello amazing students and parents!

Over the past two weeks we have been working on Number sense and calculations:

-operations with integers (negative numbers)-Gave back a test last week.

-operations with fractions and conversion to decimals and percent (pixel art project)

-understanding what a fraction, decimal and percent mean

-what is probability and where do we see fractions used?

-negative and positive fractions with operations

-mental math strategies (how to calculate quickly and accurately)-Was included on last test


I would encourage the students to:

-practice calculations (drills!  Try: Hoodamath!)

-estimate prices and total in a store or restaurant

-review your bank account if you have online banking

-have a look at Numbeo-a cool site with world stats

-look at Maths Libres online and try and few of their practice sheets

-check out Wired Math.com (Waterloo University).  There are many games to practice specific skills.


-I am moving into second term shortly,all students should have a caIculator (a cheap one!) as I would rather they didn`t use cell phones for that purpose and never on a test. 

-first term exam will take place in January at the same time as the High School. I will give specific dates before the holiday break

-Pixel art project is due on Decmber 9th at 3:10pm (`the sheet for their information and work is under my documents, titled `l`art des fractions``

-I have many resources under my documents that I use in class (Ppts, worksheets etc).  These are handy to use to review for tests or extra help.


I hope you have a great rest of week!





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