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November 13
Health Posters- Due: November 27th -6/7C

6/7C is creating a Health poster promoting environmental awareness of a topic of their choice. Students are working on these poster during class time on Wednesday but should be doing research at home on their topic. These posters are due on Wednesday, November 27th during Health class they will be presented and marked.


Project outline:

You are going to create a Health poster to promote environmental awareness of an topic.


You must have a title included on your poster that is large and stand outs.


You must include drawings on your posted to make it visual appealing to others.


You must have a positive slogan on your poster.


You must included tips, or suggests how we can improve our environmental awareness of the topics.


You can include facts about your topic


It must have color too.


Due November 27th 2019- This is an in class assignment. I will collect at the end of each Health class. At home you can be doing research on your topic, printing off pictures, or even go above and beyond with an added power point on your topic.




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