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September 27
7ABD Science Project

Students have now started their project for our Ecosystems unit in Science. Time will be provided in class to complete each section as we learn more about ecosystems and their components. The "presentation" can be submitted in a variety of forms (powerpoint, written report, poster-board, etc) and a formal presentation in front of the class is not required. If a student chooses to build a model or film a video (or something similar), there may be parts of the project that will need to be completed at home.

In class we were able to use the website "Switchzoo.com" to invent a species. This website also provides basic information about species that can be used for the project.

Rough copies of parts 1 and 2 are due on Friday as a check-in. There will be more check-ins as we continue through the sections to ensure that students do not fall behind. The final good copy of all sections will be due at the end of October with a specific date TBA.

Ecosystem Project.pdfEcosystem Project.pdf


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