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February 05
MJs Math-8FI-Pixel Art Project due-February 26

​Hi awesome students and parents!

 The students are working on a pixel art project due on due on February 26th.  They wil be given a handout and I have loaded it in the documents section as well.

The students will need:

-a calculator to complete the work on decimals, fractions and percent.

-graph paper (they can choose the size of the graph paper (mm, cm etc) and they size of their drawing.  (It should be a minimum of 8.5-11 or standard letter size)

-colored pencils or graphite pencils (various shades).  Markers are not to be used as it is difficult to see they graph paper underneath.  If they have questions please come and see me.

-Choose a design that means something to you-can be abstract, a person, cartoon character, landscape, sports team, etc

They will be given a rubric to follow while they work.

Have a great day!



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