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January 22
MJs MAth 8E, F, G, H

​​​​Hello amazing students and parents!  It has been a while since i have posted as I am encouraging the students to keep track of their dates:)

On Tuesday January 29th we will be having an exam.  I think it is a good idea to practice writing a test that covers the entire term in preparation for next year. How the exam will be counted will depend on the success of each student.  I always feel that it is good for the confidence at this level for it to be in the student`s favour in contrast to being a large part of the final mark.  It will however, be averaged in.

They are allowed to use their notes and the text (which is in their desk). I encourage them to make a sheet so it is more organized as the time limit is 45 minutes.

No calculators nor cell phones will be allowed.

I have attached a list of the topics under my documents.  There is a plethora of resources as well in case the students need to research or review.


Have a wonderful day!



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