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October 24
MJs Math

Hello amazing parents and fantastic students! 

This week you recieved your tests back (Mental Math).  Please hang on to them to study for your exam in January 2019:)


Today we reviewed factors and prime and composite numbers (les facteurs et nombres premier et composé). We learned the divisbaility rules for numbers 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 and 10.  I have posted the power point for both of these topics under my documents.  Feel free to review, print or copy these:)   There are questions at the end  to practice. There will be a test on these concepts next Wednesday October 31 (Halloween! Muhahahaha)

Next week we will be working on PEDMAS (La priorité des opérations).  This year you will be practising formatting calculations involving fractions, exponents (positive and negative), negative numbers (entiers relatifs) and square roots.

Have a lovely rest of week and weekend!

:) MJ


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