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October 19
MJ`s Math October 15-19

Hello amazing students and parents!


This week we have been working on calculating percentage using mental Math (la regle de 10%)!

The students completed a test on Mental Math strategies this week and I will try my best to return this on Monday October 22.   It does not have to be signed but I want you to show your family and correct your mistakes, after all, that is learning.

If you would like a boost in the form of extra help on support, please come and see me and we can have a chin-wag and book a time for some extra help:)

​I have attached the 10% sheet (work that we worked through in class and I had asked that you attempt to finish it for Monday or followed the directions from you class -ex: 8E: finish the first two pages) **If you were absent from the class (were called to a QSP event, I had spoken to you already and you are aware of what you should or should ahve finishedThe worksheet is under my documents section.

Have a great weekend!!!



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