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September 27
MJs Math Sept 27 homework

Hello all!

We have been plugging away at mental Math and calculating larger numbers week.  The Ppt for Mental Math strategies is under my documents (near the top-has a 2018 date).  We have worked through strategies 1-7 so far and had 1 quiz and 1 practice.  If you would like to improve your quiz mark or you have missed it, the re-write will be at 1225 tomorrow (Friday the 28th) in my class.  If you want to review or have some extra help I will be here and we can have a chin wag about it and see how I can assist:)

The homework for tomorrow is:  Multiplying 3 digit numbers using the Traditional Method.  This method encourages students to practice their multiplication skills and addition skills. I have asked the students to complete the first 8 questions if they can and if not, at least the first 4.  I modeled it today in class and was available during lunch period for help.

I have posted the homework sheet under my documents (most recent post) in case you need it.  If you would like some extra help please visit Khan Academy (under weblinks).  This is a fantastic site in French and English!


Have a lovely week!



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