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September 13
MJ`s Math-8

Hello amazing parents and students!  We are off to a good start for another awesome year at BCMS!

​ have posted my class outline under documents.  It should have the word `new`` beside it.  As you can see there is a plethora of documents on there and unfortunately I a unable to put them into folders.  When I assign or recommend one of my resources, I will state the name and re load it so it comes up in a better order.

Any upcoming quizzes, tests or assignments will be posted here along with ay changes etc.  Please check this site regularly.

This week in Math we have been reviewing some simple calculations and how to format them appropriately.  We will work through Mental Math strategies, PEDMAS, calculating large numbers and a thorough review over the next few weeks.

Homework:  I do assign homework and time is provided to work on it in class and most often it can be finished. If a class is missed, I will put any homework on my file desk in the class and here when possible. As a general rule I do not assign homework on Fridays but there may be times where an assignment is due the following week or studying is required for an upcoming test.

Extra-help is offered on Monday and Wednesday at 1225 and of course by student request. Please bring supplies you need to work and of course what you want to work on.

Lastly, I encourage the students to email me directly when they have questions or concerns.  It`s great practice to advocate for yourself! 

Have a great rest of week and a ``Harvesty`` weekend!


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