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January 23
Some review questions posted for exam prep and dates (reminder!)



I have posted some rerview questions for the exam under my documents.  This is just a sample and I have included answers. Your exam is all multiple choice in TWO parts (one period each)  While you don`t have to show your work on the exam, you WILL have to be able to calculate to choose the best answer!

Remember that your cheat-sheet is one half page of looseleaf both sides. ​Full page sheets will not be accepted for use on the exam. NO calculators.


8E:  Exam: Thursday January 25 (Both parts)

8F: Thursday January 25 (part 1);  Friday January 26 (part 2)

8G: Friday January 26 (both parts)

8H: Friday January 26 (both parts)


If you miss the exam (either part) you will write the day you return during class time. Please be prepared.  If you have an exceptional circumstance please email me.


Bonne chance!



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