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December 03
NaNoWriMo word count totals SHATTERS goal!
For the month of November, grade 7 FI students in Mr. Mallard and Mme LeGesley's Language Arts classes participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), where every single student wrote their own individual novel. NOvember 30th was the last day to finish and the combined word count of each class was....
782,501 words!!!!

That's three quarters of a million words.
That's almost twice the length of War and Peace.
That's amazing!!!!!

The top students were 
1) Mehak Bandey with her novel "Beyond the Darkness"- 25,064 words 
2) Angel Adu Poku with her novel "Elina's Secret"- 23,148 Words
3) Haile Thorburn with her novel "It Never Had To be This Way"- 17,321 words
4) Kennedy Srycmgeour with her novel "Shattered"-15,193 words. 
5) Antonia Ramsay Filipovic with her novel "The Last Dance" 14,031 words
6) Kya Lydon with her novel "Point Your Toes"- 13,683 words
7) Jenna Manuel with her novel "Mr.Vanchowski"- 13,351 words
8) Emad with his novel "Shots"-12,384
9) Ava Quigley with her novel "Untitled" 12,267 words
10) Thomas Morgan with his novel "Sanders" 12,182 words

In the next few weeks students will be editing their novels and some will even be publishing them to be sold on Amazon. Great job every one and hopefully your novel becomes a best seller.


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