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October 06
Grade 7B & 7E SSD Assignment

Students in 7B and 7E, please remember to be prepared for you SSD assignment for class on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

You should have the object or image that you plan to draw from observation with you when you come to class.

You can choose one of the following ways to draw from observation:

-        Print an image from the internet (include the url for reference)

-        Save an image to the camera roll on your electronic device

-        Bring an object to class (nothing fragile or of sentimental value, in case it is lost or broken)

** Important***

If you do not have a device or the ability to print from the internet at home, you should send your image to Mrs. Mills via email at lucinda.mills@nbed.nb.ca. Please put your first and last name and your Homeroom in the subject of the email.

Students who are not prepared for class with their subjects, will be marked as unprepared and will be given an alternate assignment to work on during the period.

 ​SSD Assignment.pdfSSD Assignment.pdf


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