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May 29
MJ`s grade 8 and grade 7 Exam-Date Monday June 5th

Hello my amazing kids and parents!


I have nailed down the Exam date and if something comes up and I must move it, we will survive! Monday June 5th is the date now:)

​-The exam will be multiple choice ONLY.

-I had written on the review list that there may be between 30-40 questions HOWEVER, after we correct the practice exam (conveniently posted under my documents for BOTH grades along with answers), I will see how we feel about 45 mins and make sure I adjust the questions accordingly.

-The practice exam questions I have posted are the most difficult as they require you to be able to calculate multiple operations and use various steps to solve. Please use your strategies!

-No calculators will be needed nor allowed.

-There WILL be a choice to complete a grade 8 and 9 exam (enriched) if you so choose or have been told by myself already. However, you MAY take a copy of the enriched exam home with you for future reference if you want.   Please try the exam that you feel offers you the most challenge:)

-Please peruse the plethora of resources under my documents where you can practice and learn.  Check out the game websites as well.

-Copies of the exam and answers can be found under documents as well.



Any questions please email me or come and see me for a chin-wag:)






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