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November 29
MJ`s Math 7 & 8 FI Math

Hi awesome students and parents!


Last week you recieved your report cards and we had the great pleasure of meeting your parents!  This week we are reviewing and learning about area:

  • of triangles
  • squares and rectangles
  • rotated squares and triangles
  • showing proper format and proofs
  • ​practicing area and perimeter
  • balancing equations *-will be returning as we do Pythagoras Theorem

M. Matte has returned the square root tests yesterday and has corrected them with the class.  Those students who wish to rewrite or improve their mark can come to our class next Monday December 5th at 12:25. You will ONLY rewrite the areas where you made mistakes or did not understand and your mark will be adjusted.

EXTRA HELP:  takes place every Monday at 12:25.  If you need additional help please come and see me and we can try to arrange a time:)

SNOWDAYS or CANCELATIONS:    If you are absent for any reason such as snowdays, trips, medical (and you are feeling ok) please check the website OR visit a math site such as:

  • Khan Academy
  • Hooda Math
  • Cool Math
  • Jeuxdemaths


and practice!!!!!!!



MJ and M. Matte

Please ensure you have graph paper for our classes this week.





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