Terry Fox is a true Canadian hero who has left a legacy for our nation.  This September, we will celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Terry’s “Marathon of Hope” when, in his run across Canada, he challenged every Canadian to donate $1 to his cause of fighting cancer.  We all know that Terry didn’t physically complete his marathon, but his dream lives on and his goal of raising money for the fight against cancer continues to this day.
The Anglophone West School District has decided to mark this 35th anniversary with a marathon of its own…one that spans across our vast region of Western and Central New Brunswick and passes by each of our 70 schools in ASD-W.  In a relay of interested ASD-W staff members, we plan to cover a 980 km stretch by walking, running or biking over the course of one month (September 10 to October 7), challenging the students and staff to donate $1 each, with the goal of raising $26 000 for the continued fight against cancer.
This relay also serves a second important purpose:  a symbolic unification of the Anglophone West School District.  With three years under our belt as an amalgamated school district, this activity will show that we are one, unified district, committed to serving the students in our system.
Here is how it will work:
·         All staff members are invited to sign up for a “leg” of the relay.  There are 229 legs that join together to create the full route that will pass by each of the 70 schools.  The sections of the course and a map can be seen in the "Documents" section of this page.
·         Participants can walk, run, bike or travel using any form of active movement.  A yet-to-be-determined item will be handed from participant to participant at the end of one segment and beginning of the next.
·         The dates and paths have been set.  The times are fluid and will be confirmed as we get closer to that day.  As such, when you sign up, you will need to be flexible with your time, within a general span.
·         To maintain our schedule, the relay will continue, rain or shine.
·         Participants may sign-up for more than one slot and more than one participant can share a slot if you would like to do this with a small group of colleagues.
·         The times for the relay vary with some during the school day and some after the school day, into the evening or the weekend.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide release time for participation, although we do acknowledge some instances where flexibility in the day will allow for participation
·         To register, you simply email Ross Leadbetter (ASDWTerryFox@nbed.nb.ca​ with your
o   name,
o   slot, and
o   mode of transportation. 
·         The schedule will be updated daily and re-posted to the website so that we can monitor the sign-up progress.
·         We ask for registration to occur over the next week and prior to the end of this school year.  Remaining open slots will still be available for sign-up as the summer progresses, but we hope to have most of them filled by June 23.
·         Depending on the specifics of the date and route, there may or may not be a guide who offers assistance and transition:  In some cases, it will not be necessary and the relay will flow smoothly.  In other cases, we will have someone who coordinates the segments of that particular part of the relay.
·         T-shirts will be made available for the main participant of each segment.
The key requirements for participants will be the need to be flexible and the desire to have fun!
Our vision is to pass by schools as much as possible during the instructional day, allowing the schools to participate by cheering on the relay and, hopefully, offering a collective donation of $1 per student and employee in the building.  Each school can determine their own participation and level of detail as the event approaches.  We have a sub-committee that is working on a sharing of resources to support cross-curricular learning activities associated with Terry Fox and the Marathon of Hope as well as a sub-committee that can share ideas on school spirit and activities.   This sharing will occur in September and is completely voluntary.  We do hope, however, that you will challenge those in the building to contribute $1 to the cause.  You can still continue with your traditional Terry Fox school-based activities, as per normal.  You may even with to link them into this event.
Our organizing group has remained committed to not over-complicating this event.  We believe it is important for the two reasons – recognizing the legacy of Terry Fox while contributing to his fundraising goal as well as symbolically bringing together one of the largest school districts in the province.  We also believe that it should be a fun activity that promotes physical activity.
Linda Dempsey-Nicholson (linda.dempsey-nicholson@nbed.nb.ca) is the contact person for any questions that you may have and will be the person who sends out most of the details from now on.
We hope you will find a way to participate by either signing up for a segment of the relay or leading your class in a related activity next fall.


Terry Fox Route Segments-07 October!.pdf

 Route Overview



 Please Note:

Participants are more than welcome to “double up” on time slots that have been created for the relay.  If you are interested in a specific time slot that has already been spoken for, please feel free to add your name to the slot and participate with the individual already in place.  We ask for those who have already signed for a specific leg of the journey to welcome additional participants in the slot that has some meaning to them.  To allow for consistent communication, it is important that all participants (or lead participants if a team or class is taking part) have their names registered in the slot.  As described, Ross Leadbetter manages this participation list via the following email:  (ASDWTerryFox@nbed.nb.ca​​).  Thank you for your cooperation and participation in this important event.

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