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Transportation is provided as follows under the New Brunswick Education Act:


Conveyance to and from school
3(1)The superintendent of each school district shall provide for the conveyance to and from school of all pupils
(a)   who are entitled to free school privileges under section 8 of the Act,
(b)   who are living at least two and four-tenths kilometres from the school that they attend, and
(c) whose conveyance privileges have not been suspended under section 6.
3(2)The superintendent concerned may, with the approval of the District Education Council and within the limits of the budget provided by the Minister under section 50.2 of the Act, provide for the conveyance of pupils living less than two and four-tenths kilometres from the school that they attend.
3(3)Where, in the opinion of the superintendent concerned, a pupil has a physical or mental disability such that the pupil requires specialized transportation, the superintendent shall provide for the conveyance of the pupil by the most practical means possible regardless of the distance the pupil lives from the school the pupil attends.
Under section 3(2) Anglophone School District South has exercised its ability to improve upon this level of service and provide an elevated level of service of 1.5km when operationally possible.
​Non-Busing Zones - Parental Responsibility

 Saint John Education Centre


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 St. Stephen Education Centre


 Ideas for Active Transport


Active & Safe Routes to School is a national movement dedicated to children's mobility, health and hapiness.  For more information on their organization and helpful information on programs and resources click the logo below.




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