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 Frequently Asked Questions

Every ASD-S student who is eligible for transportation is assigned a specific bus stop and route number. Transportation staff use the Pupil Transportation Management System (PTMS) software program to determine required bus stops. Our PTMS considers bus seating capacity, student data, zoning information, and safety variables during processing to create the safest, most efficient bus routes possible.
Please remember that we transport more than 17,000 students every day, so it is impossible to provide door-to-door service to everyone, and do it in a timely manner. It is more efficient to pick up several students in one stop, usually at a corner or other mid-way point for the students.
Many of the sub-divisions in our district do not have sidewalks and the lighting is poor in many areas. With our routing software, and our knowledge of the areas we service, we try very hard to place our bus stops at the safest location possible. But, it is very important to remember that it is the parent’s responsibility for the safety of the child to and from the bus stop.

Each bus carries 50-70 students every day to and from school. It would take a great amount of time to call each house informing them of a bus running 15 minutes late. Please do not hesitate to call our office or the school if you have a concern
The drivers first and foremost responsibility is to drive the bus! They cannot see everything that is happening on the bus at all times. If something is happening on the bus that concerns you and your child, please contact the principal of your school or call our office so we can assist. Most often the driver is not aware there is a problem. However, each driver is happy to assist and make every child’s bus ride a safe and enjoyable experience.
All school bus discipline problems should be immediately reported to the Principal of your child’s school. Students who continue to cause problems can be removed from the bus depending on the nature of the disciplinary problems.
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In order to qualify to drive a school bus in Anglophone South School District, a person must be at least 21 years old, must maintain a safe driving record, be capable of physically carrying out a pre-trip inspection of the school bus and possess a valid driver’s license with Class 2BE including the air brakes endorsement.

In addition, prospective drivers must pass a physical examination from an approved physician.

Drivers must also complete a comprehensive School Bus Driver Training Program provided by the province of New Brunswick and the ASD-S Transportation Department.

Each year, drivers are evaluated on their driving skills and attend regular safety and training meetings.

Bus driver candidates also undergo a thorough criminal background check, this investigation will check applicants for any criminal history.

District covers all costs relating to licensing and certification

Our routing system calculates the mileage of the route, the number of stops along the route, and the speed limits of the roads to determine the “approximate” pick up and drop off time. What the routing program cannot do is calculate the traffic conditions, weather, and road conditions along the route. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the driver to make adjustments. The afternoon drop off can vary some depending who is riding, traffic conditions and weather. If you feel the bus is running later than usual, 15 minutes or more, please call the school and see if the bus was delayed for any reason, or call our office @ 658-5603.
I hope that this helps answer your questions.
Have a great school year!
Anglophone South Transportation Staff