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 Fine Arts

Through arts education, students develop aesthetic awareness and judgment by using and creating forms of expression that communicate ideas, perceptions, and feelings. Arts activities enable students to learn and express themselves in ways not possible in other subjects.
The arts are universal and central to every world culture. Artistic expression is an integral part of all societies, not a stand-alone, independent enterprise. Through the arts, people tell their stories, thereby creating the collective story of humankind. Dance, drama, music, and visual arts, along with literature and other forms of expression, allow a culture to define its identity and communicate that to others.
(p. 2 Foundation for the Atlantic Canada Arts Education Curriculum)

 String Program


Anglophone South School District provides the opportunity for any student to study the violin starting in grade 3. Older students are welcome to attend. Younger students may start but will require parental supervision of practice and attendance at lessons. Lessons and rehearsals take place in the Saint John Education Centre but are open to any student who is able to attend.


Click here to learn more about the String Program.


 Contact Information


Dan Vallis

Subject Coordinator - Fine Arts
Anglophone School District - South
Saint John Education Center
Phone: 506.643.2008

Kyle Peters

Art & Music Mentor
Anglophone School District - South
Saint John Education Center
Phone: 506.643.7559