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August 21
Physical Attendance - Return to School

Dear ASD-S Families,

We have received many questions from families asking if a physical return to school this fall is the right decision for their child, and about how the schools can help meet the particular needs of their child. Education in NB is mandatory and physical attendance at school is an important component to a student’s learning and well-being. However, there are some students whose needs will impact their attendance.

Students who Cannot Physically Attend School

If a student has a medical condition and is recommended by a health professional not to attend school in person, a learning plan will be provided by their assigned teacher with educational support. If a student has an immunocompromised household member who is required to stay home as recommended by a health professional, and this condition prevents the student from attending school, the student will be provided with a plan to continue learning at home. Families will be required to provide medical documentation in these cases. Students within a vulnerable population are encouraged to consult with their health care provider to determine if they should attend school.

If your child has received a recommendation from a health care provider to remain home from school this year, please contact your child’s school the week of August 31.

Students Permitted to Physically Attend High School Daily

For students in grades 9-12, attendance may be impacted by a student’s individual needs, or vulnerability. A recommendation may be made for some students, particularly those students who may be deemed high-needs, to attend school every day, and not on a rotational schedule. Amongst vulnerable students, the decision regarding their physical presence in school will be made by the District and School Educational Support Services teams in consultation with families, and medical professionals or support specialists as required.

Students may be recommended to physically attend school every day if they have an Individualized Personalized Learning Plan (PLP-IND), an Individual Behaviour Support Plan, or are beginner English language learners. In some cases, this also may include students with significant mental health needs, students in the care of Department of Social Development, or who have other individualized needs.

Families with students who are part of a vulnerable population should expect to hear from their child’s school regarding their attendance prior to the first day of school.

Families Wishing to Home School

Students who have not received a recommendation from a medical professional or the District to remain home from school, but whose family has decided not to send them to school for any reason will be required to complete an Annual Home-Schooling Request Form. In these cases, the child’s family agrees to provide for their education. Students will not be assigned to a class or school and will not receive virtual or remote instruction from a teacher. Neither schools nor the District are required to supply resources or services for the educational programming of children being home schooled. The Department of Education publishes and makes available curriculum documents describing grade level outcomes for each area of the curriculum. More information about home-schooling in NB can be found here.

We encourage families to watch for further emails and our website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. There will be more information provided about Return to School plans over the next several weeks.

We look forward to welcoming your child back!​