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September 01
Welcome Back! 2023-2024

Dear ASD-S Families,

I hope you all had a safe and restful summer. We’re busy preparing to welcome our learners back into classrooms next week and are looking forward to the exciting new school year ahead!

This summer, we have been focused on district improvement planning and developing strategies to help every learner achieve their full potential. This means having an equal opportunity to accomplish their academic best and, just as importantly, that all students feel safe, included, and a sense of belonging at school.

This year, we will continue to increase our expectations for kindness to ensure our learning environment is a safe space for all students to lead, learn, and grow. We want learners to be engaged and enthusiastic to come to school every day, because attendance has a huge impact on social and academic success at all grade levels. While sick days are unavoidable, often absences are a result of anxiety, and we know avoiding school only makes this worse. Students can learn best and get supports they need when they are in school. If you find your child is struggling to attend, please reach out to their teacher or principal. We can help!

All students will start school next week on a staggered entry, depending on their grade level. Specific information will have come from your child’s school, or you can review the district calendar here.

Our Transportation Team has finalized busing information and we encourage you to review your child’s pick-up times and locations on BusPlanner.  When you sign up for BusPlanner Parent Portal, you will be notified of busing updates such as delays, cancellations, and route changes. Information on signing up can be found here. For those travelling on the bus for the first time, information about bus safety can be found here.  

ASD-S has a strong sense of community. We are proud of the support our schools receive and value having parents and guardians welcome and active in our buildings. Schools will be sharing ways to get involved, such as volunteer opportunities, Parent School Support Committees (PSSC)s, and invitations to events, and we hope you’ll be able to share some time with us throughout the year.   

If you have questions about the school year ahead, please reach out to your child’s school, or email us at You can also follow the @ASD_South Twitter page and Facebook page where we regularly post information for families.

On behalf of the entire Anglophone South School District, I want to express our gratitude for your partnership and trust. All the best for the coming year and thank you for all you do to help keep our schools welcoming, supportive places for our students to learn. For those new to ASD-S this year, we welcome you! We look forward to seeing everyone in person soon.


Derek O’Brien

Superintendent, ASD-S​