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September 02
School Operational Plans

Dear ASD-S Families,

Each school has developed a COVID-19 Operational Plan, outlining how the school will manage daily operations while ensuring a safe school environment consistent with Public Health guidance and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Operational Plans will take into consideration the unique needs and layout of the school. The plans have been assessed by the District and will be reviewed by the school monthly and updated as required.

The COVID-19 Operational Safety Plans include information such as:

  • Scheduling (supervision/class/breaks/start and end times)
  • Physical distancing (directional arrows, entrances/exits, distance markers)
  • Where students go upon arrival and dismissal
  • Instructions for maintaining class bubbles including during breaks, lunch, and recess
  • Drop-off/Pick-up directions and instructions
  • Public access to the schools
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Management of ill staff or students

These plans are specific to each school. Province-wide directives, which may cover additional aspects common to all schools, can be found in the document Return to School: Guide for Parents and the Public.

The Operational Plans will be posted to school websites on September 3, 2020. The plans are subject to change and are considered “working documents.” Once the plans are released, please direct any questions specific to your school’s plan to your school office via phone or email. We also encourage you to read the Return to School document linked above, as it may answer your more general questions.

Thank you for your continued cooperation as we work together during this very different school year. We understand families are seeking more information and hope that these plans will resolve some of your questions or concerns.

While student safety remains our priority, we are excited to have students back in schools, learning in a safe and welcoming environment.


Zoё Watson,