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April 17
Q & A - High School Students

Families of Grade 11-12 ASD-S Students,

On April 2, 2020 Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Dominic Cardy released the provincial “Continuity of Learning Plan” which outlined a plan for education during this time of school closures as a result of COVID-19. The goal of the plan is to ensure no student is disadvantaged or penalized by the school closure, while at the same time encouraging available opportunities for continued learning.

We realize for grade 11-12 students and their families this is a particularly complicated challenge, given the diversity and complexity of their courses and the requirements for graduation and post-secondary education. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in consultation with Districts and a group of Principals have developed a list of common questions and answers about learning at grades 11-12 and we will share many of them below.

I encourage you to connect with your Principal/Vice Principal if you have questions which have not been answered below.  We understand that family situations are very different for both students and teachers, and we do not wish to add any additional anxiety at this time. During the state of emergency in NB, our Principals/Vice Principals and teachers will do their best to remain connected to your student and offer them support in their learning.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these next few months together.   We appreciate your on-going support.



Zoë Watson



Questions & Answers:


1) At Grades 11-12 what is the difference between receiving “Enrolled” in a course on my transcript, and receiving “Credit”?

  • Enrolled: This word will appear on the transcript indicating that the student was enrolled in a course second semester but the course was not offered or chosen by a student to obtain a Credit. All courses listed as enrolled count toward the total number of required graduation courses. 


  • Credit: This word will appear on the transcript indicating that a student, as determined by their principal and subject teacher, has met the core curricular components of that course through assigned work and feedback from the teacher. There will be no mark assigned for the course.


The benefit of getting a “Credit” versus an “Enrolled” on your transcript is that it will indicate to post-secondary institutions that core curricular outcomes were met.





2) Who decides if a Credit option is offered for a course and is there a maximum number of Credits I can earn this semester?

Teachers in conjunction with the principal, will decide if a Credit option is offered. Teachers will need to determine if it is practical to attempt a Credit option, and principals must determine what options work best for their school’s situation.

It is recommended that students aim for only 2 or 3 Credit options, given the challenges posed by at-home learning.


3) What is the criteria for a student to be awarded a Credit?

It is at the discretion of the teacher and Principal to determine the core curricular components and if the student has demonstrated competency through assigned work and teacher feedback.


4) Will students seeking Credit receive different work than what is offered to everyone in the course?

Teachers who are offering students a Credit option for their courses will provide instruction beyond the regular home learning options.  Teachers will have the flexibility to determine what is the most appropriate form.  Students will also have to demonstrate their competency in the subject area as determined by the teacher. Students can be expected to work on the Credit course beyond the recommended weekly 2.5 hours of other home learning options.


5) What if a course I wish to receive a Credit in is not being offered for Credit?

Every school in NB and across Canada will face challenges with respect to course offerings during this pandemic. When possible, courses will be offered for Credit, but if this is not possible, students will receive an Enrolled on their transcript. Providing a Credit option, where available, gives students the opportunity to show completion of the core outcomes for that course. It is not intended to disadvantage those students who cannot at this time.


6) Do all students receive “Enrolled” on their transcript whether they were “on track to graduate” or not?

On-Track refers to any grade 12 students who had at least 12 Credits at the end of the first semester, January 2020. An exception would be a student who had 11 Credits in January but was taking six courses second semester to achieve 17 Credits.


All students who were in classes this semester when schools closed will receive an Enrolled and move on to the next level, whether it be graduation or to the next level in the upcoming school year. Schools will work with students to help close any existing gaps in the next school year.


7) What will appear on student transcripts for Gr 11-12?


ENR on the transcript indicates a student was enrolled in a course second semester but the course was not offered or chosen by a student to obtain a Credit.


CR on the transcript indicates a student has met the core curricular outcomes of a course through assigned work and feedback from the teacher. Credits will be awarded but no mark will be assigned. Requirements for obtaining CR will be at the discretion of the teacher, taking the circumstances of the student into account. The opportunity to earn CR may not be available in all courses depending on the capacity of the teacher and the particulars of the course, and it is recommended a student only work towards 2-3 Credits.



8) Will graduates get French Immersion certificates?

If students were on track to meet the required number of hours based on previous courses and those enrolled this semester, then yes, they will still receive the French Immersion Certificate. Likewise, the 5 French courses for Grade 11 French Immersion students will be waived next year as some students may want to take courses they need for content for university and not be able to take FI classes.


9) Will Adult High School Diploma be able to get a pass on their requirements like the other students?

Students who are enrolled in the Adult High School Diploma will have the same options for their courses.

Transcripts will indicate the student was “Enrolled” in current semester courses.  If a student continues in their learning and demonstrates the competencies in the core areas of the course, at the discretion of the teacher and principal, “Credit” can be assigned on the student’s transcript.  Post Secondary Education Training and Labour has indicated that they will accept either “Enrolled” or “Credit.”


10) Are students working toward their Adult High School Diploma able to have their courses that were scheduled for this semester count towards their Adult High School Diploma?

Yes, our Department has partnered with Post Secondary Education Training and Labour and they will honour courses that are marked Enrolled or Credit.


11) What about graduation for Alternative Education students?

Students in Alternative Learning Environments (COMPASS, PALS) who were on track to graduate in June 2020 will be considered eligible.  Many students in Alternative Learning Environments are working on individualized plans and alternative pathways to graduation.  These pathways will be honored at this time.


12) How will this affect Scholarships and Awards?

Schools will determine their own methods of awarding scholarships and class standing.  External scholarships, including post-secondary awards, will be determined by the organizations that award the scholarships.


13) Can I speak to my school’s Guidance Staff about post-secondary planning, or other concerns I have?

Yes, there are three dedicated phone lines for students and families to call:


  • Hampton Education Centre (Sussex to Kennebecasis Valley) - 506-349-6241
  • ​Saint John Education Centre (Saint John, Grand Bay-Westfield, St Martins) - 506-349-7663
  • St. Stephen Education Centre (St. George to the Fundy Isles) - 506-343-5263


Callers will reach a member of our Education Support Service team who will ask about the nature of the request and then have the Guidance Counsellor or Guidance Teacher from your school return your call.   The phones will be answered Monday - Friday 8:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m..


14) How will this affect the graduation requirements 2021?

The same as those graduating this year, students graduating in June 2021 will require minimally 12 Credits, plus the five courses from this current term, with either a Credit or Enrolled designation.


15) How will my full year courses be marked?

Full year courses will be split by a numerical mark from semester 1 and Enrolled or Credit in term 2.



16) Will I have to repeat prerequisites courses for grade 12 classes?

Students who have prerequisite courses listed as Enrolled will not be asked to repeat them.  Schools will work to accommodate for gaps during the next school year.


17) What if I failed term 1 of a full year course?

If a student was not successful first term, teachers and principals will determine if the student can be provided material to recover that mark and Credit.  If that is not possible, students may be asked to repeat the term 1 portion of that course.  The second half will not need to be repeated since they will have it listed as Enrolled on their transcript.


18) What if a student chooses to take a course next year in which they received “Enrolled” this year?

We will examine the option of students being permitted to re-take an Enrolled course next school year if they choose.


19) Can students who get “Credit” in a course take the exam the next year to get a mark?

Those students who receive “Credit” for a course must re-take the course if they wish to pursue a numerical mark on their transcript.


20) How will this affect dual Credits and AP courses?

For those already enrolled in AP classes, dual Credit courses and online courses, you can continue where home circumstances permit. Students who are continuing their learning through dual Credit opportunities with an instructor from a post-secondary institution will be awarded a Credit on their transcript.  Post-secondary institutions will be asked to submit a “Credit” to districts for students’ transcripts but may keep a numerical mark for their own records. 


21) Grade 10 students typically take one “credit course.” Can they get “Credit” if they want to do additional work?

Yes, if their teacher is offering a credit course, then they would have the same option as the current grade 11 students to obtain a credit on their transcript.


22) Will Grades 9/10 receive a Credit option?

There are not credits in grade 9/10. The designation on the report card is to be determined.


23) I have no Internet access and/or no computer. How can I continue my education at home?

Currently, teachers are contacting every student’s home in order to determine the best way to communicate with each family and student.  Once this data has been gathered each family’s situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We understand that some families do not have internet, others live in areas where wi-fi is limited and for some there is not a device to use.


24 Will there be a Graduation Ceremony? Will I receive a refund on my graduation fees?

There has been no decision yet on graduation ceremonies or events related to graduation.  Decisions on such activities will be made based on direction from Public Health. All schools will celebrate their graduates, unfortunately at this time we do not know when that will be. At this time, our schools would like to hold the graduation fees collected. 


25) Can I enter my high school to retrieve items from desks or lockers?

Based on the recommendation from Public Health and while we are in a State of Emergency, access to schools is not permitted.  If an extenuating circumstance exists such as medications, glasses, etc., please contact your principal. We hope to communicate a plan to allow for students to clean out their lockers in the coming weeks.​