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March 15
Go with the Flow…DRINK H2O!

​For this year in celebration of Nutrition Month (March), Anglophone South School District will be promoting the importance of water consumption to improve overall health for all students & staff, Go with the Flow…DRINK H2O!

The focus is on  World Water Day, Thursday, March 22 . The theme for this day  is  ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century. Bringing attention to this day is twofold: promoting the use of tap water and utilizing refillable bottles, as opposed to bottled water, are great examples of environmentally friendly initiatives. As well, the consumption of water are directly linked to :improving concentration, preventing headaches & fatigue, just to name a few.
Schools  will be receiving the following:
·       refillable  water bottles (a portion of your school population to use at the school’s discretion)
·       nutrition labels that list the benefits of water
·       posters promoting water consumption
Please see attached:  (hard copy will be included in boxes)
·       PSAs for school announcements, newsletters
·       activities linked to curriculum
·       flavoured (fruit, vegetable and herbs) water recipes