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September 01
First Day...first week!

Good Afternoon HRVES Families,

Next week will be our first week of school.  By now you should have heard from your child's teacher either by phone or e-mail regarding which days your child will be attending school next week.  There are some operational plans I would like to share with you before school starts.  Once again this year kindergarten parents will be able to walk their child to their classroom.  They must enter through the bus drop off door, wearing a mask, sanitize their hands when they enter the classroom, and sign in.  This visit to your child's kindergarten classroom needs to be brief.  All other students will say good bye to their parents at the school entrance.  Keep in mind that if you are dropping your child off in the morning you turn right when you enter the parking lot.  Please stop in front of the door where the Educational Assistant will be waiting to greet your child.  We do not want cars to pull ahead into the parking lot to drop children off as drivers may not see them.  Only busses are permitted to turn left once they enter the driveway.  Mrs. Graham will be meeting the busses on the first three days of school.  Parents are permitted to visit the school if they have an appointment.  All doors to the school will be locked. When you arrive you will need to ring the doorbell and the administrative assistant will speak with you through a microphone.  If you are entering the building for an appointment a buzzer will sound and you may then open the door.  All visitors to the school must wear a mask inside the school, sanitize their hands upon entry, and sign in and out.  As of right now, students need to wear a mask at all times when they are riding on the bus, when walking in the hallways inside the school, and when they are in common areas.  Students will once again need two clean masks each day and a clean water bottle.  We will not be holding assemblies.  However, all students will be eating in the cafeteria beginning the first day.  Each class will have their own assigned seating in the cafeteria.  Please bear with us as I am sure the protocols with both evolve and change during the school year.  I will do my best to keep you informed and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call your child's teacher.  This message has been posted to the school web page.  


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