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March 13
Friday, March 13

ON THE MENU TODAY IN THE CAFETERIA:    Mash potatoes and gravy, mash potato bowls, hamburgers, pizza, wedges.    Sandwiches and wraps (pre-done).  Due to new Health and Safety Policies, all food will be served by Chartwell’s staff.  Sub Bar will be closed, if you would like a wrap, please pre-order before lunch in the cafeteria. 
RUGBY:  Rugby practice today Friday 4:30 to 6:00.  All players try to be there.
SAFE GRAD: Out of 260 Grads, only 110 have paid their Safe Grad Fee.  It is $35.00 and can be paid by you or your parents on Cashless Schools on line.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you play this fee so that Safe Grad can happen.  Thank you to anyone that has already paid.
This Saturday KV Safe Grad will be having a bottle drive fundraiser.  If Grads or please contact the office.  Bottles can also be dropped off at the school.
KVHS FAMILY OF NEWCOMERS will meet today at 12:30 pm in Room 245.  All are welcome!
SUMMER CAMPS, SUMMER CAMPS Tous les élèves qui sont intéressés à participer au camp de l’Université de Moncton, veuillez en parler avec votre enseignant ou d’aller voir M. Bouchard.  La date limite est 13 mars 2020.  Merci.
Échange Québec/Nouveau-Brunswick: Tous les élèves qui sont intéressés à participer à l’échange Québec/Nouveau-Brunswick, veulillez en parler avec votgre enseignant ou d’aller voir M. Bouchared.  La date limite est 13 mars 2020. Merci


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