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May 01
May 1, 2024

CAFETERIA: On the Menu: Chicken Shawarma Pita, Lasagna or Varity of Pasta.


Today is KD Day!


RECYCLING: Any teachers that want their recycling bun emptied please send it to the Bio Lab with a student during Advisory.


INTERNATIONAL CLUB:  Meets today in Mrs. Steeves’ Room #117. The International Club is for all international exchange and local students who are interested in learning more about each other's culture. Some of our activities will include mini-language lessons, food tastings, playing international games, appreciating music and art from other cultures, and just having fun socializing in a multicultural environment.


KD DRIVE: Starting this week Renaissance will be running a kraft dinner drive from April 22 to May 2nd.  We are asking students to bring boxes of KD into the advisory classes for us to donate to the church to thank them for the KD days and to help keep them going.  Classes can bring their boxes of KD to my Room #136 at any time.  We will also be placing a box in the office for them to be dropped off in.  Please encourage your students to participate.  We would love to see one box brought in for every student that attends!

NIGHT OF THE ARTS: Are you an artist interested in selling your work? Please come to our meeting Thursday at lunch in Mrs. McCords Room #141, to learn about a Night of the Arts opportunity for you. Paintings, knitting, jewelry - we are looking for everything!


Night of the Arts is coming up on Wednesday, May 15th. We are looking for visual artists to participate in the LIVE ART portion of the event! If you are interested, please contact Parker Cyr or Ms. McCracken on Teams.

Don't stress... you are NOT expected to complete the whole piece during the event. You can start it in advance and bring it with you that night to finish up! You'll then have the option to keep your art or include it in a silent auction. 

ONLINE ASSESSMENTS: This message is a reminder to all teachers who have grade 10 students in their period 1 class.  Please check in with your students regarding having a reliable computer/ipad for their upcoming online assessment on May 24th.  Please send a list of names to either Mrs. Lanigan or Ms. Costain of any student who will need a device provided by the school on the day of the assessment.



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