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Rainbows Program at Belleisle Elementary School 

Belleisle Elementary School actively supports the Rainbows Program which provides a safe and

supportive environment for children and youth that are grieving a loss or life altering crisis. 

The program is supported by the YMCA of Greater Saint John, United Way and Mind Care.

What is RAINBOWS? 

RAINBOWS is a support group with a curriculum designed for children who have suffered significant loss in their lives, either through death, divorce, or other life altering crisis.  Children in the program are provided an opportunity to meet new friends who have shared similar experiences and to have a trained, caring adult help them sort through and understand their grief and to achieve a healthy acceptance of what has happened to their family.

 What RAINBOWS is not. 

RAINBOWS is not counseling or therapy for children.  It is strictly a peer support group guided by caring and trained adults.

The RAINBOWS curriculum consists of 12 weekly meetings and a Celebrate Me Day.  The groups meet for approximately 30-40 minutes.  The children meet in small groups of 3-5 participants to share an activity and discuss various topics in relation to the change in their family unit and addresses the topics of Self, Belonging, Fears, Blame, Trust, Forgiveness, Stepfamilies, Feelings, Changes, Transitions, Coping, Reaching Out, and Acceptance and Family. The goal of the support group is to assist the children in expressing and understanding their feelings, accepting what has happened, and experiencing a sense of belonging and love. 

If you would like to know more about RAINBOWS, you can visit or contact

Ms. Jennifer Galbraith, Saint John YMCA- Volunteer and Rainbows Coordinator

If you would like your child to participate in RAINBOWS, please send a note in to your child's teacher our contact Mr. Robert Mather, our Guidance Counsellor at 485-3025 for more information on registering your child.