Sussex Regional High School
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 SRHS Staff

Lauridsen, Lori-Ann  Principal
Chaisson, Stephanie  Vice Principal
Bennett, Rachel  Vice Principal
Teaching Staff
Barton,Byron Physical Education
Belliveau, Annie FILA
Belyea, Ed Science 
Betts, Shauna Social Studies/FILA
Byers, Anne English​
Campbell, Elaine NA
​Chalmers, Trevor ​Science ​​
Cook,Amy Science
Cooper, Kelly Art
Coughlan, Bradley Social Studies NA
Coughlan,Kelly English NA
Earle, Dianne PIF
Gaunce,Jeffrey Science
George, Chelsey English NA
Hayes-O'Hara,Stacey FI Math
Hopper, Luke Math/Science​
Huggard, James Technology
Jeffrey, Spencer Phys.Ed
Leger, Ron FI History NA
Leger, Stacey Math
MacKay, Andrew Math
Matthews, Robert Music
Manning, Karen FILA​

Munro, Lynn Math
Nicholson Michael  Mill and Cabinet NA
o'Neill  Kari Automotive NA
Parlee, Louise Chemistry/Math
Parlee, sally Science
Polley, Jason English NA
Reicker, Daniel Co-op Education/Tech NA
Rioux, Adam English NA
Scott, Kevin Social Studies NA
Sherwood, Adam English
Smidt, Sheri Social Studies/History
Stairs, Stacey Early Childhood/Culinary NA
Tremblett, Brittany English/Art
Walsh, Fred Metals Fab/ Wiring​
Walsh, Stephanie Science
Watters, Shyann Math NA
Guidance and Resource & Methods
Dalling,Harold PALS NA
Gray, Crystal Guidance
Harding, Steve Resource NA
Holder, MaryLou Resource NA
Kyle, Heather Resource NA
Meehan, Carmen Guidance
Wallace, Anita Resource NA
Wilson, Rhoda international student liason