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March 12
Course selection presentation
February 25
Course Selection Guide 2020-2021
February 24

Fredericton Tourism has a number of summer positions available.  We work as a team to promote the Greater Fredericton Region. We strive to give the best customer service to our visitors.  We need you to work the whole summer, days, evenings & weekends so we want it to be fun!  We’re looking for up-beat, self-motivated people to work with like-minded individuals.  Fluency in both official languages is preferred and in some cases required. Please see details below on how to apply.  The starting wage for student positions is $12.25/hour. The positions are as follows:


Visitor Information Centre (VIC) Counsellors Mid-May – October (weekends while school is in session, 7 days/week summer)
Application deadline: Friday, March 13. Indicate position #VIC2020
Meet new friends, build your skill-set and make a difference in your community! VIC Counsellors become part of a close-knit team that shares their learned knowledge with our visitors and residents. The VIC is located at City Hall, 397 Queen Street.  Counsellors also assist with programming & events such as Under the Stars film series and the Garrison Night Market within the Historic Garrison District. Shifts are days, evenings, weekends and some late nights.  A valid driver’s license is an asset.  Fluency in both official languages is required and preference will be given to any applicant who can also speak Chinese or Mandarin.


Ceremonial Guard: June – September

Application Deadline: Friday, April 24, 2020

Be part of Fredericton’s iconic Ceremonial Guard. Build your skill-set while meeting new friends and forming a close-knit team. The Guard Program is a historical re-enactment in the Historic Garrison District.

Candidates learn and practice basic drill moves and perform twice-daily ceremonial parades; three parades on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Guards are expected to perform up to three one-hour shifts per day of standing on sentry duty and will be responsible for maintaining uniform and equipment to standards. Shift work and weekend hours required. While not performing ceremonial duties, guards are deployed as part of Fredericton Tourism’s operations team – interacting with the public, heavy lifting, moving, loading, climbing ladders and other duties as assigned.

Preference will be given to staff who would be comfortable with public speaking, in both official languages, to provide interpretation of the ceremony while interacting with visitors who will be chosen to inspect the guard. PLEASE NOTE: Should you be hired, there is a two-week probationary period during which you will be accessed for your compatibility with the position.

Fill out the REQUIRED Tourism Summer Employment Application Form found at www.Fredericton.ca/SummerJobs

2.    Indicate position you are applying for

3.    Submit your resume and application form

February 24

Graduation Pathways for Mathematics

Each pathway is designed to provide students with the mathematical competencies and critical thinking skills they will need after high school. Students should select courses in the pathway that best fits their interests and plans for after high school. Each pathway provides students with a different focus on math concepts and skills. Students may choose to take additional mathematics courses beyond the graduation requirements to better prepare them for what they want to do following high school.

Important Notes:

a)   Students entering grade 10 in September 2020 will be required to complete 18 credits for graduation, two of which must be math credits.

b)   In February 2021, Numbers, Relations, and Functions (NRF) 10 will be offered online for students and teachers who wish to use the resources and for those who decide to change their pathway.















February 24

Fredericton High School:  Grade 10 Program Information


·         English 10                                                                      Full Year

·         Math 10

·         Geo. Measure & Finance 10 / FI Geo. Measure & Finance 10           Semester

·         Choose 1 of:

Num. Relation & Function 10 / FI Num. Relation & Function 10               Semester


Financial Workplace 110/FI Financial Workplace 110                     Semester

·         Post-Intensive French or FI Language Arts 10 (Early or Late)                  Semester

·         Science 10 / FI Science 10                                                      Semester

·         Social Studies 10 / FI Social Studies 10                                           Semester

·         Personal Development & Career Planning 10                                   Semester

·         Art 10 or Music 10                                                                   Semester

·         One additional Grade 10 elective (Art, Music, BBT, Phys. Ed.)                  Semester


*For students graduating in 2023, NRF 10 or Financial Math 11 count as one of the math credit requirements towards graduation


*French Immersion students must have 50% of instruction in French in Grades 9 & 10.

*Students with a French Exemption must choose an additional Grade 10 elective.



Grade 10 Electives


Grade 10 Physical Education Courses (Students may only take ONE Phys. Ed. 10 course)


·         Physical Education 10

Grade 10 Physical Education is an elective.  The main focus of the course is to encourage physical activity so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Evaluation is based primarily on participation.  Activities include orienteering, softball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, flag football and badminton.  There is a dance unit which allows students to be exposed to dances such as the waltz, jive, and cha-cha.  The fitness unit focuses on weight training, flexibility, and nutrition.


·         Physical Education 10 with Enrichment in Hockey (must submit application online)

The grade 10 Physical Education course with enrichment in hockey requires an application.  Experience in hockey is essential.  The course focuses on dry land training early fall and then into the rink for skill development for 3 days a week using Hockey Canada Skills Academy as a resource.  This course is open to both males and females.



Grade 10 Visual Art


·         Visual Art 10

The grade 10 Visual Art course is a continuation of the grade 9 art program.  The students will explore design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, art history and appreciation.  The students are required to pay a $20 studio fee to help cover the cost of materials.



Grade 10 Music Courses (Students may only take ONE music course)

All Grade 10 music courses will cover the same outcomes—the main difference is the choice of instrument available in the different options.  Read carefully below before choosing!


·         Guitar Class 10

The instrument used to deliver this program will be the acoustic guitar.  It is intended for beginners; however, more advanced guitarists may want to take this course with the understanding that more advanced playing material will be required.  Note reading (not tabs!) is one part of the playing requirement; another is strumming chords to accompany singing (your own or others’). 


·         Piano/Keyboarding Class 10

This course can accommodate both students who began playing piano in the Grade 9 course and those who are more experienced.   Given the many ability levels of the class, each student will be encouraged to work at his/her own speed and demonstrate musical growth throughout the semester.


·         Instrumental Class 10

This is a full semester course available to students who already play a wind, percussion, or string instrument. 


·         Choral 10

This is a full-semester course available to students who have an interest in singing and developing their voice.


·         Beginner Band 10

This course is meant for students who do not have band instrument experience but would like to learn—perhaps you missed the opportunity in middle school or came from another school where it was not offered.  Woodwind, brass, and percussion options will be available—you will get the chance to try a few instruments before you choose one to work on for the remainder of the semester in a concert band setting.



Grade 10 Broad Based Technology (BBT) (Students may only take one BBT course)


·         Skilled Trades ($15.00 fee)

The Skilled Trades option provides an opportunity for a limited number of students to explore practices and skill required for careers in trades/technology fields.  Skilled Trades Module titles and topics include:

  Workplace Skills                                 Manufacturing Technology

-          Employability Skills                     -     Materials Processing

-          Safety                                       -     Fabrication of Products

-          Creative Design

  Building Systems Technology                        Mechanical Services Technology

-          Electrical Wiring                         -     Internal Combustion Engines

-          Plumbing


·        Information Technology 10

Information Technology Modules include Extreme 3D Animation, Desktop Publishing, Robotics, MasterCAM CNC Programming, Graphic Design-Illustrator, Graphic Design-Sign Making, Digital Photography, Digital Video Editing, Digital Music, Digital Imaging, Computer Assisted Drafting, Web Page Design, Directive Interactive Animation, Multimedia Design, Problem Solving and Geographic Information Systems.​

February 24
2020-2021 Hockey Class Application

​To apply for the FHS Hockey Class please click here​.​

February 18

NBCC is excited to announce that we are now offering a Women in Welding program at our Moncton campus beginning April 2020. This program is FULLY FUNDED for applicants that are accepted in this program. 

The program consists of 25 weeks in school and 8 weeks on the job and will equip those who complete the program with the basic skills required to secure a position as an apprentice.

There will be an info session March 10th at the NBCC Moncton campus 6:30-7:30pm. 

For further information or to apply, please call 1-833-658-2577 or email​ continuinged@nbcc.ca.



February 14

You’re invited to Mount Allison University’s Winter Open House, in Sackville New Brunswick from 8:30 to 4:00 on Friday February 28!  Come alone, bring a friend, relative, parent or teacher and see what your university experience could look like!  There will be opportunities to learn more about support services, to have your questions about residence life answered, and to find out how you can get involved at Mount Allison!  Grade 12’s can also bring along their mid-year transcripts, just in time for our March 1 scholarship and bursary deadline.  There is even a chance to win a $5,000 award towards your residence, and other great MTA prizes!  We welcome you to visit www.mta.ca/openhouse to register, and to see a detailed schedule of our exciting day! 

February 11

We know applying for university can be exciting, rewarding, and maybe even a bit stressful for you. Come to UNB’s future student event to learn how to transition from high school to university successfully.

Please visit unb.ca/recruitment to register

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 19th 7pm Student union building ballroom


January 15

The Robbie and Jean Shaw Scholarship Fund was created by a group of dedicated donors interested in paying tribute to the Shaw family for their long-term commitment to making the world a better place. Specifically, Robbie and Jean love the IWK Health Centre and they believe in the potential and passion of every young person to make a meaningful difference, in part, thanks to a strong educational foundation. IWK children and youth have a special place in Robbie and Jean’s hearts because of their long term professional and volunteer experience with the IWK and the IWK Foundation.The IWK Foundation invites applications for the Robbie and Jean Shaw Scholarship. This award consists of two non-renewable scholarships valued at $2,500 each.

Eligible applicants are current or former IWK patients who have an academic average of 75% or higher and who are entering their first year of post-secondary studies. Applicants must submit a minimum 500 word essay answering the following question:

How has your experience at the IWK impacted your life and shaped your goals for the future?

Please include the following points in your essay:

• Why the IWK is special to you

• Your community involvement and/or volunteer work

• Your goals for the future

• How the scholarship will make a difference for you

In addition, applicants must submit two personal references—one from a teacher and one from

a representative at the IWK who is familiar with their care journey.

The application deadline for the award is 4:30pm Friday, February 28, 2020.  

Submit your Application to:

Mail: IWK Foundation

B220-5855 Spring Garden Road

Halifax, NS B3H 4S2

Attention: Robbie and Jean Shaw Scholarship

Email: foundation@iwk.nshealth.ca

Fax: 902-470-8000

Scholarship recipients will be notified of their standing

via email by June 30, 2020.


Please contact the IWK Foundation at 902.470.8085

or 1.800.595.2266 or email foundation@iwk.nshealth.ca​

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