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March 18
Grade 7 FI - Sciences Humaines, Science, LA, Math and FILA

​Hello students, parents and/or guardians,

While you are home this week, could you take a moment or two to look through binders and/or work piles in order to find any incomplete and/or unsubmitted assignment(s)? If you are able to find and complete any of them, feel free to take a photo of the assignment(s) and email it to your respective teachers (ex: completed map of Canada 1873 is sent to Mr. Church). Please let us know if you have any questions.


Grade 7 FI team

March 18
Overdue Reading Comprehensions for 7EFH

​If you are home and still have an overdue reading comprehension from Term 2 (Venise, Fortnite, Forêt Pluvieuse) and want them submitted before report cards, you now have the options to either e-mail me for a username and password to be able to complete it online on the infos-jeunes website. Alternatively, you can complete the hard copy at home and send me an e-mail with your answers. 

Most importantly, I hope you are all safe and doing well with your families. 
Take care,

-Mme M

March 16
Grade 7 FI - Sciences Humaines

​Hello parents and/or guardians,

The information that will be posted on my BCMS website teacher page during the next few weeks will NOT be assigned work. It will be suggestions on what students can read, examine and possibly work on while they are at home in hopes of continuing to nurture the effective work habits that we have been developing since September. Please do not hesitate to communicate with me via email eric.church@nbed.nb.ca should you have any questions related to the information being posted.  



PS Please see the Latest Documents section on the right side of my Teacher Page to access any recently added items. 

March 16
FILA Update
I'm not sure where to start - as you already know, there are no homework expectations during these two weeks. However, I know many of you will be looking for work to keep busy during these two weeks. If you are looking for ideas, here are a few options for you: 

- Check out the neat lessons on this website (so many great ideas, options for listening, taking things to the next level by retelling the stories on here or writing alternate endings to the stories, simply write about what you've learned):  https://www.thefrenchexperiment.com/

-Spend some time watching the videos on this site: https://enseigner.tv5monde.com/fiches-pedagogiques-fle/adolescents - write about what you've learned!  (Think "Qui, Quoi, Pourquoi? Quand?Où? 

-Like trivia? Watch an episode of "Boum! C'est Canon!" Write 5 things you learned! https://www.tfo.org/fr/univers/boum-cest-canon 

-Read a French book - finish the library assignment that is due in April. If you have a public library card, I believe that you can access their books digitally instead of going out to a public place to find a book. 

-Find some new French songs for the song critique unit that we're working on now. 

-Play Words with Friends with a friend who is also home. This app can be played in French, and can be used while isolated as it's an online game. 

-Play scrabble in French with a sibling. 

Again, no work expectations for these two weeks, but if you need something to do, these will only help support your learning of your second language. 

I hope you are all doing well and are taking time to rest, reset, and keep a focus on what is truly important. Be kind to one another and take care, 

-Mme M.

March 15
More french practice activities
March 15
French practice work- reading comprehension.
March 15
Mrs. Blizzard social studies assignement
March 15
Mrs. Blizzard french activity-audio

À la boulangerie.m4aÀ la boulangerie.m4aÀ la boulangerie.movÀ la boulangerie.movExercice - La Boulangerie - Fill in the blanks.pdfExercice - La Boulangerie - Fill in the blanks.pdfPaired role play activity - Buying bread.pdfPaired role play activity - Buying bread.pdf

This activity is great practice. It comes with an audio section to listen to with some vocabuary practice. This is a great way to listen to new words. ​

March 13
7ABD Science
March 13
7A Math

​Today we reviewed finding factors and then greatest common factors.

Youtube Video used in class.  Factor Up​




If you are struggling with any of this, remember to ask questions in class or email me.

On Monday, we start with adding fractions

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