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October 18
7BD Math

Students have all now received their graded Addition/Subtraction of Decimals Quiz. 

Today we completed an assessment for Multiplication and Division of Decimals.

Students selected a full Unit Test (all 4 operations) or a focused Quiz (mult./div.). Those students who selected the focused Quiz today will write the Unit Test next Friday.

Next week we will begin Order of Operations with Decimals.

October 18
7ABD Science

Good afternoon,

Today students had their Ecosystems Quiz returned with two marks - one for the knowledge (K) strand and one for Skills (analyze/explain). A half-sheet explaining the marks has been attached to the Quiz for clarification. Please ask your child to discuss this with you.

In addition, the "Save a Species" project (good copy) is due by November 5th. Students are welcome to submit completed projects ahead of time. Next Tuesday will be the last in-class work period for this project.

October 15
Example of a writing piece

exampler- Literary Devices.docxexampler- Literary Devices.docx

The good copy and rough copy will be handed in on this date.

Due October 25th, 2019

October 15
Language Arts- Literary Device Writing Piece- Due October 25 6/7C

1.Write a story, song, script, comic strip or poem.


2.It can be as long or as short as you wish.


3.Include in your story an example of: Simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, and onomatopoeia!


4.You have the rest of today and possibly some of the next class to complete the  rough draf of this writing piece.


5.Have fun and be creative!


6.Be sure to use proper punctuation and grammar!

October 07
7ABD Science Quiz Tomorrow

This is a reminder regarding tomorrow's Quiz on Ecosystems. All notes can be found at https://mrslingley.wixsite.com/mrs-lingleys-class/ecosystems

Thank you,

Mrs. Lingley​

October 03
6A, 6B, 6/7 C Emails are Ready to Go!

​Hello all,

All students in our classes now have access to office programs from home thorugh their student emails. This means that students can now work on digital projects both at home and at school! To access their work students must:

1) Go to www.office.com

2) Sign in using their nbss.nbed.nb.ca email account, and the password associated with their account. This information should be found in your child's agenda. ​(We have had to change some student passwords to match system requirements. If your child's password is not accepted, please email me and I will send it to you). 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Ms. Copeland.

October 02
6A, 6B, 6/7 C Social Studies Project Extension

​Good Morning,

Because of the upcoming election I have decided to extend the due date of the project an extra week. This will give us a reasonable amount of classes to prepare for the student vote, and will allow any students who have not puchased bristol board (if needed) or obtained access to their student emails a fair amount of time to complete the project. 

The new due date for 6A will be Oct. 14th. The new due date for 6B and 6/7 C will be Oct. 15th.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Ms. Copeland.

September 30
Caribou for Math

Caribou Calendar to post 2019 20.docxCaribou Calendar to post 2019 20.docx

This is a great enrichment opportunity for students in math and also very fun!


The first contest is free and then it is only a one time fee of $5 to play for the rest of the year.

September 27
7BD Math

Students received their Math Test (Divisibility Rules and Place Value) to be signed and returned on Monday. 

The next Test is on Thursday, October 3rd and will cover addition and subtraction of Decimals. There will also be an opportunity to re-do the Divisibility Rules on this test if so desired.​

September 27
7ABD Science Project

Students have now started their project for our Ecosystems unit in Science. Time will be provided in class to complete each section as we learn more about ecosystems and their components. The "presentation" can be submitted in a variety of forms (powerpoint, written report, poster-board, etc) and a formal presentation in front of the class is not required. If a student chooses to build a model or film a video (or something similar), there may be parts of the project that will need to be completed at home.

In class we were able to use the website "Switchzoo.com" to invent a species. This website also provides basic information about species that can be used for the project.

Rough copies of parts 1 and 2 are due on Friday as a check-in. There will be more check-ins as we continue through the sections to ensure that students do not fall behind. The final good copy of all sections will be due at the end of October with a specific date TBA.

Ecosystem Project.pdfEcosystem Project.pdf

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