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October 18
Voicemail on October 18

 We will be having a practice evacuation to our alternate site (Westfield United Church) on Tuesday after recess.  We need to do this one time this year.  If the weather cooperates we will do our walk on Tuesday and if not, we will move it to Wednesday.  This would be where we go if for some reason we are not safe to stay on the school property eg. fire.

2.  I am having trouble with kids putting hands on other students.  Often times it is when they are playing imagination games but then it changes when a person has to be the villian in the game and feels they shouldn't be.  This tends to happen every year in September and October but if you could reiterate this message at home to your children, it would be much appreciated.  I am spending a lot of time trying to hammer this message home.  

3.  Home and School would like to remind everyone that there are calendars and costumes ready for pick up.  If you would like to contact Cindy McCready, she can arrange for pickup this weekend.  If not, they will be in the office on Monday.

4.  Reminder about the two opportunities to wear Hallowe'en costumes - 

      -  Home and School Hallowe'en Dance - October 25 between 6-8.  Cost is $5 a person $20 family.    An adult must be present. 

- Hallowe'en Literacy Night on October 29 at 6:30 - an evening of Hallowe'en stories and activities.

5.  Hot Lunch orders close on October 23 for (November and December).  

6.  Kindergarten Registration is still open for those families that did not make it in this week.  Our PreK parent night is on October 21 at 6:30 for those parents who have not been through the whole process before.  We would love to see you.


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