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June 13
voicemail 6/13

·      Next Friday is a full day of school.  Report cards will be issued on this day.

Grades 4-5 have been issued a STEM challenge to create a watercraft of some kind from recycled materials to let an administrator float / paddle about 12 meters and return to shore.  WE will be doing this on the last day at Brundage Point.  We will be walking over to Brundage Point in the morning for this exciting event.  Younger classes have been invited to attend.  If you do not give your child permission to walk to Brundage Point, please inform Kim in the office.

·      Popcorn has been popped.  We have cleaned the machine and everything is put away.  No orders will be taken tomorrow.

·      Grade 5 Farewell happens Wednesday at 9:00.

·      Fun Day is happening on Thursday – Dress Hawaiian

we have quite a few parent volunteers signed up.  Thanks for that.  Will see you first thing in the morning. IF on the day, you find some time, come on over.

·       Home & School

We have 3 auctions on our Facebook page of things that you can bid on. Tonight we will be adding the 4th that will involve many of our Amazing teachers and staff!

Does your child want to pie one of the teachers at school? Mrs. McClure, Mrs. Fredericks, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Boudreau and Claudette (our custodian) are all up for bidding

How about dumping a bucket of water on them? Mrs. Morin, Mrs, Schmidt, Mrs Burley, Mrs. Pomeras and Crystal (our custodian) are up for bidding

Do they want to be the Principal for a day? Mrs. Johnson will give her duties up, help with bus duty and playground duty, help with morning announcements and more! The job can be theirs.

Mr. Lavoie will wear a Leaf Jersey for a day

A student and their friend can bring their lunch down to the gym to have lunch with Mrs. Kidney.

Do you want to be a kindergarten teacher and teacher Mrs. Ewart or  Mrs. Garnett's class one of their lessons?

Go on our Facebook to place your bids until Tuesday June 18th at 8pm. 

All monies will go towards our school initiatives and playground project.




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