Simonds High School
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The 29 Station Computer Lab is available for students before 9:00 am, breaks, lunch and afterschool. 
book 1.jpgSpecial Book Displays are promoted throughout the school year in order to showcase the variety of books available in the Library.​


29 Station Computer Lab for Use during Instructional Hours

10 Station Distance Education Lab

Studying and Computer Usage for Students during Non-Instructional Hours

Quiet Place to Study, Read and Work

Search Plus – Computerized Library Catalogue

Computer Assistance

Research Assistance

Resume Assistance

Staff Meetings

School Pictures

District Meetings

Professional Development

Special Book Displays

Job Fest

Retirement Teas


PSSC Meetings

District Student Council Meetings

Usage by Work Room for Larger Venues

Grade 9 Library Orientation and Scavenger Hunt


Fiction Books & Non-Fiction Books


Telegraph Journal 

Globe & Mail

Mobile Library

Computer Passwords 

Edline Passwords


LCD Projectors

Portable Screens



DVD Players

Overhead Projectors & Bulbs

Bristol Board

Paper Cutters



Archived Yearbooks

Professional Teaching Resources

Curriculum Documents

Flip Charts


Green Tablecloths

Rolling Dividers

Large Folding Divider


Old Newspapers for Projects

Old Magazines for Projects

Supplies for Projects

Photocopying for Students

In-School Event Ticket Sales

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The Mobile Library is available for all classes whether fiction books, non-fiction books, and/or magazines are required.​
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All Grade 9 students attend a two day Library Orientation which includes a Scavenger Hunt.  The Scavenger Hunt reinforces what the Library has to offer.  The above students were one set of winners of this year's Scavenger Hunt.​
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Students are able to use the Library Conference Room for Group Work and Studying during Non-Instructional Hours.​


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The Library can be reconfigured based on the needs of a particular event such as School Pictures.​ 
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Student Group Work and Studying during Non-Instructional Hours

Student Videos

Student Event Promotion

Parent Meetings

Counselling Sessions


Classroom for International Students

French Interviews

Co-op Interviews

Exemption Tribunals

SPR Meetings

Community Meetings

Alumni Meetings

Class Reunion Meetings

New York Meetings

Overseas Meetings

PBIS Meetings

Beyond the Hurt Meetings

UNB On-Site Admissions

STU On-Site Admissions

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Students are able to use the Library for Student Event Promotion such as the Movember Campaign.    

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