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​School Supply Lists 2020-2021
​​K​indergarten K School Supplies 2020-2021.docK School Supplies 2020-2021.doc
​Grade 1 FRENCH 1FI School Supplies 2020-2021.docx1FI School Supplies 2020-2021.docx
​Grade 1 ENGLISH 1E School Supplies 2020-2021.docx1E School Supplies 2020-2021.docx
​Grade 2 FRENCH 2FI School Supplies 2020-2021.docx2FI School Supplies 2020-2021.docx
​Grade 2 ENGLISH 2E School Supplies 2020-2021.doc2E School Supplies 2020-2021.doc

June 11, 2020 - Welcome to Kindergarten Video
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Our Mission 

M. Gerald Teed's mission is to prepare children to succeed in future endeavors by providing an environment in which social, academic and emotional skills are developed in accordance with individual needs and abilities. 

Our Vision 

Together we can do anything 

Everyone is valued 

Everyone can learn 

Doing our best every day


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