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Our Mission 

M. Gerald Teed's mission is to prepare children to succeed in future endeavors by providing an environment in which social, academic and emotional skills are developed in accordance with individual needs and abilities. 

Our Vision 

Together we can do anything 

Everyone is valued 

Everyone can learn 

Doing our best every day

​​ ​2019-20 Supply Lists​​​
​Kindergarten SUPPLY LIST GRADE K 2019-20.docSUPPLY LIST GRADE K 2019-20.doc
​Grade 1 English SUPPLY LIST GRADE 1 ENGLISH 2019-20.docxSUPPLY LIST GRADE 1 ENGLISH 2019-20.docx
​Grade 1 French SUPPLY LIST GRADE 1 FRENCH 2019-20.docxSUPPLY LIST GRADE 1 FRENCH 2019-20.docx
​Grade 2 English SUPPLY LIST GRADE 2 ENGLISH  2019-20.docSUPPLY LIST GRADE 2 ENGLISH 2019-20.doc
​​​Grade 2 French SUPPLY LIST GRADE 2 FRENCH 2019-20.docxSUPPLY LIST GRADE 2 FRENCH 2019-20.docx
Please note that in addition to supplies on the lists, students should bring lunch and book bags, as well as indoor footwear.

Our student fee remains at $26. It can be paid anytime through 

School Cash Online. ​



Entry information
On Tuesday, September 3 ALL Grade 1s and 2s will attend school and ONLY Grade Ks with last names beginning with A-L.

​On Wednesday, September 4 ALL Grade 1s and 2s will attend school and 
ONLY Grade Ks with last names beginning with M-Z.​

On Thursday, September 5 ALL STUDENTS will attend school.
​School Supply lists
Please see bottom of this page for links to supplies students will need for the 2019-20 school year.
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